Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Guardedly Optimistic

First, the good news. There is no sign of new cancer in my abdomen (and this time the radiologist got a good look at the site of the surgery and my cancerous bile duct).

Next, the not-so-clear news. The spot in my abdomen has grown. I could see it on the CT scans that I spent hours looking at over the weekend. The radiologist didn't even notice it (it's not "in" my abdomen, but just under the skin by my incision scar, which is why I can feel it so readily). The new oncologist, Dr. J, said that it could be a "granuloma. . . . (something)" and not an "escaped" cancer cell from the surgery that's been growing. I don't have a good feeling about it, and I want it out!

The good news about the "spot."
Dr. M, the surgeon, has agreed to cut it out, and left an email message for Dr. J to that effect. I haven't talked to him about how soon we can schedule it, but I'm hoping it will be within a few weeks.

The not-great news about my tumor marker.
It's gone up. However, it hasn't gone up much; from 70 to about 134 since September. Folks who get really sick from gallbladder cancer have numbers in the thousands. The oncologist wasn't particularly worried, and said that it is "indicative," but not "diagnostic." The best possible scenario would be that the "spot" is removed, is escaped cancer cells that have been growing, and my tumor marker goes down afterwards.

The bad news.
I still have gallbladder cancer. Bad news, indeed, but not "new" news.

The good news.
It's almost six months since my diagnosis, and I am still alive. I continue to feel good, and to enjoy my life, and very much to appreciate the gift of life.

The really good news
. I am feeling good, feeling grateful, feeling loving as I look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow and this weekend with family and friends. And I know that I haven't waited until this one day in a year to express my love and gratitude to those in my life who love, support, and care for me. Happy Thanksgiving!


Cathy said...

Lynne -

I have been watching for this post all evening, and I'm so glad to see it. It feels like there is much to give thanks for tomorrow!
Much love -


Sondra said...


It is good to hear that there is good news along with the bad. I hope you can get that "spot" out ASAP and that the markers will go down. It is good to hear that the markers are not so awfully high. Have a great Thanksgiving all weekend and know that you are in my prayers and thoughts.

Julie said...

Out, out, damn spot! Sounds mixed but mostly good to me. Loving you muchly. Enjoy your day tomorrow!