Friday, July 13, 2007

A Sacred Sad Time (from Patty)

I had another blog ready to post with funny stories about these photos but instead I must tell you that in the last 24 hours Lynne has declined. Her nurse Mary (who we love and who has been such a blessing) said that she has days, maybe just one or two. Saturday I had "the talk" with Lucy, today I had "the talk" with Nathaniel. He said, "Maybe Mamma Lynne can bring a cell phone and call us and tell us what heaven is like."

We are sitting vigil. I played her some of our favorite songs, "So Lucky" by Lucie Blue Trembley and "You take my breath away" by Tuck and Patti. I tried to sing along but I have this big knot in my throat.

Those of you who have been with us through this, sit and remember all the gifts that Lynne has given you, say a little prayer of thanks and then go and give your child or spouse or partner a hug, a nice long one when you really stop and hold on long enough so that you can feel their heart beat on your chest and you can feel their breath on your neck - feel their life force beating with yours and say thanks - never take it for granted because ..... well ... do I need to say more?

Hold Lynne and all of us in light and love as she transitions to the next place.

For all of you ... I say thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oh Patty, what to say? You are all loved. I will take your words to heart and act accordingly. I will be sitting vigil with you even if I am not there at the parsonage with you all. Should you need my physical presence I'm only a phone call away.

To repeat what I've said before Lynne has been the most amazing person and taught so much about living and dying well. I hold her in my heart and prayers along with you, Lucy and Nathaniel. May she follow the light right into the arms of God.


Maria said...

Dear Patty,

You sang beautifully.

It has been a gift for me to witness the gratitude both you and Lynne have for each other and for the life you built together.

I love you,

Cathy said...

You are all in my heart. What a searing, sacred time...


Maria U said...

There are no words to express the feelings in my heart for the four of you at this moment. Know that you are loved and there are so many of us thinking of your family and especially of dear Lynne at this time.
Love, Maria U

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne and Patty,

Thanks for sharing what is most meaningful about life, and how to say goodbye in such a thoughtful and loving way. I think you both are just amazing; I could always appreciate the deep way your spiritual beliefs have influenced your love and commitment to one another and to the kids; and now I can see how it is carrying you through Lynne's illness and transition to loving spirit. Thank you. I hope you can feel the very warm hug I am sending to all of you. Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Patty, Oh my. I sit here with large tears in my eyes. Like Nathanal I wish Lynne could take a phone with her. But I have found in the passing of my friends and loved ones that God has given me such wonderful ways to remember them. A sunrise or sunset that shines ever so brightly, a rain storm with a marvelous rainbow. I smile and mention their name and I feel them close. Each day that goes by makes it better but they never dim in my mind. This is Gods gift. Lynne will never leave your heart or soul. She is as close as your breath. My wish for Lynne is that she is pain free and with our Father soon. Take a hug for comfort and even with a huge lump in your throat you sang to your Lynne. I wish we could take some of your pain away for you. How great that Lynne was able to be your wife.That too is a gift from God. Love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

Thank you so much for so beautifully sharing your family's smiles and intimate moments with us. As generous as Lynne has been in inviting us into her world, you also have been that generous. You continue to amaze us. We hold you in our hearts, we are forever thankful for all the gifts Lynne and all of you have so generously bestowed on our family. In the hours and days ahead we will pray for Lynne's peaceful transition and for God's loving presence in your lives.

Much love,
Linda, Jerry & Josh

Anonymous said...

Patty, a deep and sincere thanks to you and Lynne, in sharing one of life's biggest mysteries. I have never felt a clearer understanding of a dying person, including both of my dear parents, than I have felt in this journey that you and Lynne have so selflessly and openly shared with the world. I feel honored to say I know you both. In gratitude, I've lit a candle for you, wishing you God's peace. Love, Jamie

Judy said...

Sondra couldn't have said it any better - there no words except you know we are all there for you and keep you and the kids in our prayers. It is never easy to say good bye to a love one.
Judy R.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

Thank you for sharing these tender moments with us. I continue to hold your family in my prayers. May the angels bless you and the children during these final days and ease Lynne's pain as she prepares to meet the father.

Sarah Carroll

Judith Weiler said...

Dear Ones,
I have been sending Reiki to the entire family since Lynne's diagnosis. I don't know why you stopped being my friend, but that really doesn't matter now. I have missed you, Lynne, but didn't want to intrude. Now, it is important that I come out as one who loves you, and Patty, and, by extension, your beautiful children. I hope the closet Reiki has been OK, and I hope this communication is OK as well, as I mean only love and blessings to you.

I wish that your transition to the next great adventure be an easy one. I am with you in my heart, and hope that helps.

cori said...

My dear friend,
It is never easy to say goodbye.
Harder still to watch and wait and wonder as a loved one leaves this world and all of it's trials and heartaches, joys and celebrations.
There always seems to be so much that we still need to do together.
How could it be that that vibrant life is slipping from us a heartbeat and a breath at a time?
You wonder at how it could be that a lifetime went by so quickly, the days and memories that have come and gone and can never be relived, the words we long to say, the talks we long to have !
... how could it be that we have just run out of time ?
Hold hands, sing songs...althoughI too, like you get that lump in my throat and the song needs to just stay tucked in my head.
Re-live memories and funny stories and tender moments.Life stories.
Minute by minute you just don't know which will be the last so hold on to each one with the gentle care one would cradle a butterfly that may suddenly open it's wings to fly.
The love you all share is so strong and so true and so grounded it will stay with you and in your heart long after Lynne's tired fight ends here on earth.
She has given us all her wonderful gift of love,friendship, loyalty and patience,humor,wit, intelligence and wonder and so much more that I could never list it all!
We are with you as always in thought and in prayer and I hope you can feel our arms surrounding you all and the love we are all sending.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

I have not seen you and Lynne in a long time, but after reading the NCC newsletter several months ago, I began reading Lynne's blog often, wanting to leave a comment, but not knowing what to say.

I just wanted to let you know that I have thought of Lynne and your family often and have kept you in my prayers during this time.

My heart goes out to all of you!!


Amy & Rich Conley

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne and Patty,

I'm sending you all the love I can muster between my tears. May your final days and hours together be blessed with all the peace and love that you have shared with the world as a couple. You are a shining beacon, symbolized in Lucy's "Midnight View" of the Ptown lighthouse.


Graham said...

Dear Patty,

Please hug Lynne for me and tell her I am thinking of her! Please tell her I said "thank you" for all she is and all she has taught me. I would not be the teacher I am today but for Lynne's patient guidance.

Please tell Lynne I am thinking of all of you and praying for all of you.

Please know, Patty, that I am keeping you and Lynne and Lucy and Nathaniel in my thoughts and prayers, holding all of you in my heart.

God be with you all.


Anonymous said...

Oh Patty,
What can I say to you, who have walked so many of us through similar journeys, except that you and Lynne and Lucy and Nathaniel are close to my heart every minute. Lynne is such a special person who, in her quiet way has taught life and love just through her presense with us. I will always thank God for allowing me to wander into her beam of light for awhile. Know that you and the kids are loved by many and, will be cared for and prayed for in the days and weeks ahead.
God Bless You,
Mary McCarthy

Anonymous said...

P.S. Thank you for your advice and, yes, I will do some hugging today.

Mary (again) McCarthy

Anonymous said...


My love and hugs to all of you. The pictures are priceless. I pray for a smooth transition for Lynne and that God holds onto you and the kids so that you can feel his warmth and love. A big hug to Lynne. I love you all so much.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Patty. And thank you Lynne. I just lit a candle in a deep blue glass, and I will hug everyone I love today and think of you all.


Anonymous said...


My prayers are with Lynne, you and your children.

Sue Flynn

Anonymous said...

You are both so full of light, Patty. Your children are blessed to have you and all of us out here are so lucky to have been touched by you both. Lynne has grown more radiant with every passing day, it seems -- I can only hope that I will be blessed enough to bask in her light again. Someday. Somewhere. Love and peace to all of you,

Mary F.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,Aunt Lynne,Lucy and Nathaniel,
We love you all dearly and send our love,,gratitude for sharing this journey with family and friends and most of all our prayers for peace and God's unfathomable grace as Aunt Lynne beats that tumor once and for all.
Aunt Lynne,You know I adore you.Thankyou for always being wonderful YOU.The kiddos and I are praying daily for all of you and will not be stopping anytime soon.
God's love to all of you and a massive hug from me.

Anonymous said...


Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you, the children and Lynne.

With Love-

The Stiners

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

loving you, loving you , loving you -

Anonymous said...

dear beloveds,
i wrote ealier today, but i felt the same "block in my thoat" in writing. i have been in vigil with you and constant prayer all day. Lynne, i have never had any one in my life who has gifted me more with love and presence.

there is a waterfall of love for you falling down my face.

which i continue to send to you and your precious ones. when you told me, last july, about the cancer; it's type and prognosis, i realized i could have lost you without ever having known it was a risk -- THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL for opening your heart!!!!!

you are dancing still in the light of god's perfection and ALWAYS ALWAYS will.

paula, aka palua aka spazz
in light, love and dark chocolate

Anonymous said...

She will feel the love we all remember - when a parent holds us and that loving comfort consumes us. Going home...I am thinking and praying for all of you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne and Patty,

Love, gentle hugs, tears, memories, awe, gratitude, hope, prayers, sorrow, peace...

Fondly, Deane

cori said...

More prayers and thoughts. It is not easy to keep vigil and let go of someone so loved.
Many more warm hugs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne and Patty,
I hold you and yours in my heart and send prayers.

Colleen and I were in Peru for two weeks and I made a prayer bundle for your family and offered it to the fire.


MaryAnn said...

Dear Patty and Lynne,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Witnessing your love and commitment to each other has been amazing and beautiful.

Patty - I can't think of a more beautiful way for Lynne to go thru this process, than having the person she loves the most singing her favorite songs.

We love you,

MaryAnn and Brian

Anonymous said...

The intense pain in my soul is comforted only by the knowledge that soon Lynne will be with God...forever. No more pain - only joy.
I feel so blessed for the opportunity to sit with Lynne today after church stroking her hair, her face & kissing her hands & saying goodbye. As I prayed this morning by her bedside I felt His presence all around the room. Thank you Patty & know that you are so loved.


Anonymous said...


I do a few things around the house and my mind goes right back to Lynne, you, Lucy and Nathaniel. Please know that I am in constant prayer (and at times big tears) for you all. I know that Lynne is headed for the streets of gold to walk side by side with Him, no question. I can picture holding her hand and letting her know just how much of a gift she will always be to me.
Patty, you are the partner that every person would hope to have in the same situation. You are doing it all. You and Lynne are so incredibly blessed to have each other, physically now and in your heart and soul forever.
My love to the kids, as they share this time as well. You have had the painful task of guiding them through this, with Lynne's help I'm sure, and you have done it with grace.

It feels like there should be more words, more love that I can express, more of SOMETHING that I can do, but please just know that I love you all. What a gift this blog is.

In prayer and love,


Anonymous said...

Here it is Sunday evening and I can't tell you now many times I have checked the blog this weekend. I'm hesitate to call, but you are in my thoughts and prayers continually. Just reading all the comments from those who love all four of you so much gives me a sense of peace.
Another gentle hug to all of you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,
I am sitting near the ocean in Maine thinking of what a blessing it must have been to be able to spend family time in P'town....I hold you and Lynne and the kids in my heart, and in the midst of tears mixed with salt spray I think of some words from a poem I used to teach my children..."whatever we lose, like a you or a is always ourselves that we find by the sea..."..I know that those memories will, like the sea, continue to wash over you...never ending...never ending....
Sue C.

Alicia said...

Hi...I came across this blog and i just had to leave a comment. I'm very sorry to hear that Lynne's cancer has come this far. Please send her my love and let her know I'm thinking of her! Also, please know that i am praying for all of you and will continue to pray for all of you. I think about you all often. Please take comfort in knowing that Lynne is a child of God, and He will be taking care of her for all eternity. Even though i'm not right up the street anymore, please don't hesitate to contact me if any of you need anything at all! i'm here for you and love you all!

Love, Alicia

Anonymous said...

Lynne has demonstrated immense courage through all this, as have you, Patty. we will nnot soon forget Lynne's dedication, perception and warmth.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing everything. I immediately think of what Lynne has given us on this blog and how lucky we are to have her thoughts and reflections over the time of her journey.

my thoughts and prayers are with you during this horrible and beautiful time.


Deb said...

Your family is surrounded by such love and grace in this time of deep grief and deep love and very precious moments.

My prayers are with you.
deb b

Anonymous said...

Patty and Lynne, You are both constantly in my thoughts. We are praying for your whole family in this time.
We love you, Cathy, Marty, Devin and Boo

Anonymous said...

What a gift it was to me, to sit with Lynne for a little while yesterday. I walked around a little bit dazed for the rest of the day, simply awed by the mystery and beauty of it all. To have invited our congregation across the street to sing Amazing Grace outside Lynne's window was yet another one of the wonderful final gifts you are giving to Lynne. The parsonage and the people in it are bursting with love for Lynne and for you. It is His grace, and it truly is ...amazing!!!
Mary McCarthy

Anonymous said...

lynne and patty: my thoughts are with you during this painful and difficult time. trite-but that's all I have.

Art Winters

Anonymous said...

I haven't known Lynne for a long time, but I began working in the EHS department at Suffolk last summer and I am one of many lucky ones to have had the chance to meet her. I just want to say that I feel blessed to have had the priviledge to cross paths in this life with Lynne, who is such an extraordinary and inspirational woman. She is truly an example of what all humankind should be. Her selflessness and caring (and strength) throughout this battle has been nothing short of remarkable! Although she will leave our world, her work is not done. That I am sure. She is truly an angel, and will find much peace by God's side. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

Kerri Holleman

A Dived Ref said...

Lynne / Patty,

Because I don't know what to say at a time like this it doesn't mean that I don't think and care about you from far away. Your blog has been a talisman for me through my cancer, it helped me out a lot and like many here - all we have is feelings and words to offer. I wish I could offer more but hope that you will take some comfort from those who have followed and been inspired by unselfishly sharing the journey with us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

I'm thinking of you and Lynne, of Lucy and Nathaniel, sending you my love.

You are in my heart and prayers,
Patricia Kinsella

Bob said...

Dearest Patty,

This is Saralee.
My favorite person died over 30 years ago. She was my aunt, my mentor and who I wished I had as my mother. I loved her husband too. When Iti died, I called her husband, Julian. All I could think of to say was, "I don't know what to say, Uncle Julie." He said, "That was all I should say."

So Patty, I don't know what to say. With Uncle Julie, the words didn't matter. Our connection did. I know you and I speak so rarely but when we do, we have always spoken from our hearts. You are the sort of special person that when we haven't spoken or seen each other for months, when we do speak, it's as if we saw each other 2 minutes ago. We always cut to the chase. We cry, laugh and share our deepest thoughts, right after saying, "Hi." Remember I have a good ear. And remember I am here for you. I especially would like you to remember this later - when things slow down, cards and calls slow down, but you're still in need of connection. I am always in need of connection (as you know), so please connect with me when you want, but especially when others may not contact you as frequently, but you are still in sadness. I know you will be - all across the board emotionally - forever - sad, happy, meloncholy, laughing. Please share your moments with me even if it's only for a brief moment. Even if it's today, next month, next year or ten years from now.
I love you - always have - always will, Saralee

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

I worked (and went to classes) with Lynne at Suffolk when I was a grad student at Suffolk. I remember your commitment ceremony in Newton and how you both were wrapped in those beautiful "cocoons" and thought "how nice to be wrapped in love!" I even once "cat sat" for you both in Newton.

I was so saddened to read today's paper about Lynne's death. Although it has been a very long time since I have seen either of you, I still hold you in my heart. Please know of my prayers for you and Lucy and Nathan.

Eileen Maguire

Tina said...

I wanted to let you know that I found Lynne's site when I did a search for gallbladder cancer after my diagnosis. I would like to talk to you if it is possible, but can't find any link or contact form. I left a message on your blog also & signed up for RSS feeds. I wish I could have met you both while Lynne was alive - I read the posts where she was wanting to meet others that had the same thing. Tina