Monday, September 18, 2006

Good News!

As you know, I was scheduled for a CT scan this morning, followed by a meeting with the oncologist. As he reviewed the pictures from the CT scan, he saw nothing that indicated change from my last scan in July, and so he recommends no treatment right now. As a results, I got to hear the words (aside from "you're cured!") that I most wanted to hear: "See you in two months."

He even went so far to say that about 10% of those with gallbladder cancer have a slower growing type (than the other 90%), and judging from how good I feel and the fact that the scan indicated no cancer growth, I could be in that group. He even called my cancer cells "pokey!" That was a word I was delighted to hear.

I'm also pleased to report that they appear to be experimenting with flavors for the barium drink they provide to help with contrast on the CT scan. I had "banana smoothee" today, and I noticed a "berry smoothee" in the room, and a "strawberry" flavor as well. I was so thirsty by the time I arrived for the scan, it made the barium go down much easier. This was my third CT, and I'm feeling like an old hand at it!

Thank you to each of you reading this, posting or emailing or calling or simply holding me in your thoughts and prayers for all of the positive energy flowing my way. I am so grateful for all of the loving support, and feel it deeply, and feel that it helps me in staying grounded on this roller coaster of a ride called cancer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,
I just arrived home from a busy day of work and driving the kids all over! Before I started dinner I wanted to check in with your blog to see how you made out today. I am so happy that you got to hear those wonderful words, "see you in 2 months." Know that we are all thinking and praying for you and your family. Take care,

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much love

Hopesy said...


I am so glad to hear about your CT scan results. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Love to you, Patty and the kids! Deane