Thursday, December 07, 2006

That damn spot was Cancerous!

Today, I talked with the sugeon, Dr. M, who had talked this morning with the pathologist, although the written report has not yet been issued. The damn, pesky, annoying - but now gone! - spot was galllbladder cancer!

My intuition was so strong that it was cancerous, I didn't feel surprised. But, the news is so powerfully bad, I felt kicked in the stomach, knowing for certain that it had been a cancer nodule growing in my abdomen, under my skin, available to be touched. I hate this cancer! Cancer sucks!

Since talking with the doctor, I've wondered if I need to worry about whether or not I have to worry about the cancer spreading from where the "spot"/nodule was located. I didn't think to ask the surgeon. Probably next week, I'll talk with the oncologist, and see what he makes of the pathology report.

I am relieved, immensely relieved, that the spot is out of my body. I'm glad I trusted my intuition about it - assertiveness is valuable for cancer patients! - and I'm glad it's gone. But I really wish I had been wrong, and I wish it weren't cancerous.


Anonymous said...

Lynne, intuition becomes more acute when we have cancer. You were right about the spot and right to have pushed for them to take it away. Prayers now for that to be the only stray cell. Use your anger and your intuition to advocate for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Warmest hugs to you - Cathy