Friday, June 29, 2007

A Night Out

Finally, a day/night when I felt well enough to venture into the exciting world of Provincetown (Ptown) night life. Patty, and our friends Maria and Robbyn, went out to hear Kate Clinton do her comedy routine - "Climate Change" -last night - the early show, at 7:00 - at a club in Ptown. For those of you who don't know this town, I can tell you that there's lots of activity here on summer nights, from the endless parade of people watching people, to the many shows, street theater and concerts. One year, we were walking down Commercial Street at about 8:00 at night, and a car full of tourists rolled down their windows and asked, "Is there something special going on in town tonight? The street is really busy." We laughed and said "It's like this every night in the summer."

Kate lived in Massachusetts - as a teacher, in fact - before she took her humor on the road, so I've been to see many, many shows over the years. So, being able to see her this week felt like a special treat, and being able to laugh long and loud an extra wonderful part of the package. Her humor is mostly political, and I won't try to remember any of her great lines, but she did have a section about "Things I hope never to do again before I die." Examples I remember . . . sitting on the tarmac at Newark waiting for permission for the airplane to move, enduring a 21-month presidential campaign. Like me, she turns 60 this year, so we definitely share "generational humor," and perhaps she is thinking about her mortality too because of this milestone birthday.(She's a comedienne, and I don't mean to project my situation onto hers, it's just something I thought of . . . )

Patty, in her irrepressible fashion, managed to speak briefly to Kate before the show, and tell her my story, so after the show, I got a couple of hugs and kisses and Patty took this photo of us together. I love the photo, and it was great to get out of the house and see the activity of Commercial Street. I'm pleased to report that the new wheelchair travels much more smoothly than the first we had. (Patty is still smarting from the responses to my comments about her speedwork with the first wheelchair.)

Those of you who haven't seen me in a while will notice that I'm decidedly jaundiced, and that I've lost a lot of weight. Both of those are part of my new reality. The bilirubin that creates jaundice is draining through the stents, I think, because the jaundice doesn't seem to be worsening, but clearly some of the bile is not draining. I'm struggling with my digestive system, too, both with nausea and constipation. Yuck! For the last few days, the pain has been pretty manageable.

I'm glad we are here, and I've enjoyed the change of scenery, and Patty and the kids have enjoyed the beach and town.I have not made it out of the house before last night, and that has been disappointing, but it is what it is. My life is winding down.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Kate Clinton! Wish I could have been there!
Thinking of you often,
Susan H.

Anonymous said...


My heart is warmed each time I read your blog. You are an amazing woman who continues to teach us life's lessons, thank you.

Many wishes for extra energy, beautiful weather, and a cooperative digestive system during your second week in P-town.

Sarah Carroll

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,

I can't think of a better show to attend on your first trip into to town this week. Kate can certainly lift one's spirit and get everyone laughing. She is also a wonderful person who cares about others.

Way back when I took in dry cleaning at Mama's Kate was one of our regular customers. Her visits were always welcomed because she was always so funny and left me feeling better when she left.

I hope you can continue to get out a bit. Even if you can't go somewhere every day, an outing when you can will be special. Hope the digestive system and pain will settle so you can enjoy more.

We all miss you up here; but are glad you can have this time in that wonderful setting.


Anonymous said...


So happy for you that you were able to make it out! Your spirit just absolutely shines through the picture and through the post! I am thinking of you and hoping that you can continue to enjoy precious moments- big or small. I'm praying that the pain and discomfort gets out of the way, and allows you to do so.

Love, Sasha

Anonymous said...

Lynne -

It's so good to see a picture of you - and especially with that beautiful smile on your face! I wish you lots of wonderful warmth and energy.

Grace and Peace -


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous site! Your smile lights up cyberspace,Lynne!
Isn't laughter just the best medicine EVER??
I'm wishing you many more laughs, no more pain and enjoying your time in such a wonderful place with your friends and family!!
Sending you prayers and love,

Anonymous said...

Lynne....Wishing you happy, sun-shiny days there with the people you love. Your smile is happy in that moment. If we all could remember that it IS the LITTLE things that ARE the BIG things in the moments that add up to each day. You've seemed to have the grace to do that. You continue to amaze me with your open arms in sharing all that you feel, think and know. Your written word humbles me and I feel blessed to know you. I love you, Lynne.....Jamie

Anonymous said...

Yeh!!!! great to see that smile! Glad that the kids are getting to enjoy the beach etc, and you are all in a fun, lively, life-affirming town...that has to help the spiritsl
I breathed a big sigh of relief when I say the blog and sent up a big "Thank you God!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,

I, too, am so happy for you that you felt well enough to go out and have Kate make you howl! What a beautiful picture of you both!

"My life is winding down." Such a beautiful way of stating what's happening. "It is what it is." Yes...

I love you,

Anonymous said...

dear toss

GREAT PIC and bless Patty for talking to her :D

love spazz

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne.
Great photo! Oddly enough, I was regaling friends at breakfast this a.m. with Kate's mid-1980's line: "Nancy Reagan....she's so lifelike." It still makes me laugh and they all howled. So reading your blog just now I feel some kinship in spirit if not in time or place. :-) So glad you got out to see her...and just got out for a little while to breathe in a little P-town. Thinking of you. Love, Kali

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for a night out, laughter, energy, sunshine, fresh air, and a smooth ride. What a magnificent smile!! You are glowing - with joy, not bilirubin! Wishing you a bucketful of special moments in your next week of vacation.

love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were able to get out of the house, and especially glad for your belly-laughs at the show. I love people-watching too, though I haven't been to PTown in many years. The irrepressable Patty and you are very blessed to have each other. :-)
Mary M

Anonymous said...

lynne- how very cool that you got to go out and see kate clinton (of all people!!!!) and get a picture with her to boot !!!!
i am glad that you are at the beach, even though you haven't felt like you could do the beach- at least you're in the finest place in the world !!!!!
talk soon-
love, alice

mbflynn said...

What life and joy there is in that smile. Brava, Lynne!

Anonymous said...

very nice blog I stumbled upon. Keep it up, and check out if you get the chance. God bless you and your family!

noone said...

{{Lynne and Patty}}

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy an evening out.

It's hard seeing you this way, I admit. Too familiar.

Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.
Much Love,

noone said...

I mean, you look great. You look happy and your smile is beaming. That's a wonderful photo.

It's just the rest... you and Mom, so alike in so many ways.

Keep laughing. If you can't get out to see live comedy, turn on the sitcoms or some funny CDs. It really helps :)

For constipation...lots of fluids (I if you aren't already taking in as much as humanly possible) and maybe Senokot or something like that?

p.s. My heart goes out to Patty. Smarting over the bumpy wheelchair. I so know how she feels. To you Lynne, it's a funny and that's so good. But for us caregivers, we can beat ourselves up pretty good about the smallest things. Thinking of you both.

Elaine Pascale said...

So glad to see your face! I'm sure Patty is a great chauffeur!

Anonymous said...

Lynne....Just had to wish you a good celebration tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you, Patty and the kids....Love, Jamie

blades02347 said...

Hey Lynne,

Wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you..You look great in photo..I thought that was a tan.
Hope your time in P'town is special with Patty and the kids..Relax, enjoy and just breathe..

See you when you get home..

Lv, Rosie