Friday, July 20, 2007

The Boston Globe Article

Hello Friends. So much to say, so little time. Life has been a blur these last few days grieving Lynne's death and preparing to celebrate her life today at the "greet and eat" and tomorrow and the Memorial Celebration. For those of you at a distance I will post pictures of the events. Until then... please check out the wonderful tribute in the Boston Globe today written byJ.M.Lawrence.

You can find it online at:

Your support and care has helped Lucy, Nathaniel and me through this transition and I trust will continue to do so.

Much love back at you!


Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful article!!
It says it all, doesn't it?
We will all miss Lynne dearly...and will keep her spirit and love alive in our hearts and lives.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Patty & Kids,
Our deepest condolensces. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The Green Family

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have to disagree with Cori --the article doesn't say nearly enough. But then, no article ever could, could it? I will miss her every day, honor her every day, and strive every day to become as beautiful, graceful, generous, and brilliant a spirit as she was.
love, Mary F.

noone said...

That is a beautiful tribute to Lynne.
Losing a loved one is enormously unbearable at times. But knowing that they were loved by so many helps.

I miss Lynne.

Keeping all of you in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

What a great article and, what a wonderful tribute to Lynne last night! I think your "hugging muscles" must ache this morning, huh?
You know, those of us who know you and Lynne only within our Church sometimes don't realize that you both have had rich lives before and beyond our little circle in Middleboro. The outpouring of love we see for the two of you now from so many other places, reminds us how very blessed we are that God brought you both to us.
Mary McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Ok...I stand corrected...ha!
But I think you know what I meant when I said that the article "says it all". Absolutely! There aren't enough words to speak of Lynne, her gifts and her lovely life!
What a beautiful tribute to her life both Friday and this morning's service were.
We will surely miss Lynne...and Patty, Nathanial and Lucy....know that we are always here for you!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Patty, Bloggers and NCC Folk!
What an amazing experience was yesterday's celebration of Lynne's life! It was uplifting from beginning to end. I know Lynne was present and, in fact, I am fairly sure I could hear her playing the tambourine on "Glory, Glory, Halleluiah!" :-)
God Love you all!
Mary McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's celebration of Lynne's life was inspirational. We may need to have the new roof on the church checked because I am sure that the enthusiastic and downright wonderful singing by those present must have raised it an inch or two. Lynne taught us lessons on how to live through almost anything with class. Patty is carrying on the "class".


Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,
sounds like you had a wonderful tribute to Lynne this weekend. sorry to not have been there. The Globe article was nice to see, though nothing can really say all that Lynne was and all that you were as a family. I pray for your comfort. Love, Mary Prada

Carl said...

Wonderful obituary. Thanks for posting it. I was especially struck by Lynne's (quoted) comments about the white-water tubing trip.

I quoted a portion of the obit in my own blog (see entry of July 21):

I hope you don't mind, I also ported over the photo of Lynne you posted (the one with the two pies), as an illustration.

Deep peace to you in these troublesome days.