Sunday, November 19, 2006

More waiting, not much information . . .

I wasn't going to post anything until I meet with the oncologist, Dr. J, on Wednesday, but I know that many of you who read this are waiting for news.

On Friday, I had the CT scan and gave blood. I drove in on a rainy morning, arrived by 7:30, and was done by 10:00. I did discover that I could get a copy of the CT scan on CD (Thank you again, Woody, for letting me know that it's possible!), and I had them make a CD of my most recent scan, and the other three I've had done this year.

So, briefly, the surgeon, Dr. M, did call me on Friday night to say that he didn't see anything troublesome in my liver, but that, below that area, it was hard to read the scan. So, he's guardedly optimistic, but feels that he needs to see what the radiologist has to say in the written report. He could see the spot in my abdomen on my surgical scar, and said it looked troublesome. We're hoping that the radiologist report is in tomorrow, and he can call me, and have his secretary fax me the report. Still, he's not the oncologist, and that's where we'd be talking full interpretation and possible treatment.

On Friday afternoon and Saturday, I spent many hours learning to use the medical scan-reading software and reading my scans. Finally figured out a lot of it, although I don't understand a lot of what I see. Having the earlier scans, where no one was worried about the results, and the radiologist's reports from those scans, made it easier.

So, no real answers, and still lots of questions. Guardedly optimistic. I will post something on Wednesday night, Nov. 22, after we see the oncologist, even if it's a brief message with the outcome of the visit.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,
Thanks for posting the partial info. I've been checking since Saturday, thinking of you and Patty and the kids a lot. I loved your post about all the things you found to do while waiting! much love,

Anonymous said...

Lynne -

I'll hold you in prayer as I go to New Jersey tomorrow.

Love - Cathy