Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This Pesky Little Spot

Finally, I have news. After the news of my doctor visit last Wednesday, I didn't post over Thanksgiving weekend because I've been anxious to talk to the surgeon about removing the spot in my abdomen along my scar. I finally talked with Dr. M today, and he's going to do day surgery with local anesthesia next Monday, December 4.

The oncologist doesn't seem worried about this spot, the radiologist didn't even comment on it in his report, and I'm not sure that Dr. M is worried about it, either. But he gets that I'm worried, and he's going to remove it. On the CT scans from mid-November, there's a side view where the spot is really clear, and it's connected to two "bright lines" that make me wonder if they are blood vessels feeding the spot. I could be completely wrong, and I hope I am, but I am very clear that I want it out. I guess I've mentioned that!

In the last week, I've discovered a new blog, the "Assertive (Cancer) Patient." The author, Jeanne, has a wonderful way of encouraging cancer patients to be involved and assertive in their treatment. I've certainly discovered the importance of speaking up for myself, making sure I know what's going on, and also trusting my instincts. Jeanne's main page begins by noting that reasons to be assertive are:
* You will get better care.
* You will probably live longer.
* You will feel better about yourself and your illness.

So, whether I'm right or wrong to be worried about this "spot," I know I'll feel better once the surgery is over. And now that I have an appointment, I can think about other things. Like surviving/thriving six months post diagnosis! Like the plans Patty and I just made to go to the Virgin Islands in March for a winter break! Like living longer than my doctors ever imagined when they diagnosed me six months ago.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts, prayers and support are with you. One of my closest friends is a cancer survivor (twice) losing her leg the second time. We learned from her strength as we are from yours now. I shall hope for good news Monday.

Anonymous said...

I've never left a message here before, Lynne, but I decided that it's about time. I'll be praying tomorrow, and want you to know I always want to be here for you, even though I'm wrapped up in my own mundane and stupid problems. You are an amazing colleague and friend.