Monday, December 25, 2006

Making Christmas Memories

I'm pleased to say that I didn't stay in the state I was on December 22, and that I've treasured some moments with both of the kids in the past three days . . .

Nathaniel, gluing together a manger scene made of foam "marshmallows." (Yes, really!) He got to the part of attaching the ribbon to hold Mary's headdress. "Mom, can you hold this for me? I had a really hard time with Joseph's ribbon." The result was suitably lovely for an 8 year old who makes magic with a glue gun.

Apologizing to Lucy after yelling at her on Dec. 22, when I was still in my grief. "Lucy, I know I'm in a bad mood, and I want you to know that it's not anything you or your brother have done. I'm just feeling really sad about my illness. I know that I am feeling physically good now, and able to do most things, but I'm still sick, and it makes me sad." She nodded, and went on with her computer game.

Later, though, she came in to the kitchen and asked if she could bake cookies with me. I was mixing dough for scottish shortbread - done by hand - and she said, "Can I do that?" with a gleam in her eye. I said sure, and she mixed her own batch, hands in the dough, and all. I told her that the story in Scotland (as I have heard it) is that each woman's shortbread tastes somewhat different, because she has kneaded and worked the dough herself, with her hands.

At bedtime, walking upstairs, she said "Baking cookies today was fun." I replied, "I thought so, too."

At the Christmas Eve service last night, both the kids were back lit by the white lights of the Christmas tree, which formed halos around their beautiful heads.

Lucy sang a solo last night, "Who Would Imagine," and did a wonderful job. The whole service was full of music, with the choir singing five different songs, and all of us singing lots of Christmas carols. The service was full of the magic of Christmas, and I felt touched by grace.

Today the kids first got up at 2:30, but were convinced they needed to get back to sleep, and slept then until 6:00. From upstairs, I heard Nathaniel say to Lucy, "See, Lucy, I told you Santa was real. I asked him for socks, and he brought them!" ( I cannot explain the comment, but I'm still laughing. We think this was a request to Santa whispered under his breath.)

The kids were understandably wired during the morning, and we had laughter, screams of delight, and lots of fun opening gifts. Over the day, we saw our extended family, ate well, and celebrated Christmas. Sweet memories, a wonderful celebration.

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Anonymous said...

Aloha Lynne,

I so enjoyed our conversation the other evening.

I loved "meeting" your beautiful children through their photos on this post. While my son and daughter are older, I too shared family moments filled with grace these past two days. They do make us laugh and cry, don't they?

Weeks ago my daughter asked me to pick an adjective that best described me; my reply was "blessed." Today I received a t-shirt with the word and a heart emblazoned in bling. I love it!

Your post today confirmed my thought that you're with me in this feeling of gratitude for our blessings, a condition some might think odd, considering our common situation.

You and I are going to kick some GBC okole (oh-KOH-lay) in 2007!

God bless you and your family.