Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day 2 of Chemo - Feeling Better

Thanks for the kind words of support, on and off the blog, about yesterday's tough day post-infusion. Now that it's evening of Day 2, I feel I can say that I'm doing better. I still have an incredible sensitivity to any cold, and feel best when I'm sitting on my comfy chair with blankets on my shoulder and lap.

I'm less nauseous than I was last time on Day 2, and I think it's because of the sea bands. So, I've been able to eat, and took my morning Xeloda without a problem.

I finished a great novel today, High Country, by Nevada Barr. Last summer when we were in the southwest, we discovered her mystery novels because they were sold in the national park stores. Her main character, Anna Pidgeon, is a National Park Service ranger, and every adventure takes place in a different national park. She does a wonderful job of conveying the ambiance of the parks - I love a novel that conveys a powerful sense of place - and there's some kind of mystery to be solved in each one of them. This book is set in Yosemite, which we were scheduled to visit last summer, but didn't because of my hospitalization. I wish I had seen it! Anyway, if you are looking for a consistent, good new author of mysteries, I recommend her books. I started this one a few days ago, and read it through the infusion yesterday, last night and today, and now it's done. I only have one or two more of her mysteries to read.

One other medical note. My tumor marker numbers were back yesterday. My CEA, which had climbed to 14 or so, has dropped to 9. My CA 19-9 was about 310 last month, and has climbed to 492. so, we liked the CEA drop, didn't like the CA 19-9 climb, but . . . ? The nurse did comment that it's possible the CA 19-9 was even higher in these weeks before the chemo kicked in, and that it's on the way down.

So, dear friends, know that I am doing well under the circumstances, and especially well in comparison to yesterday. Thank you for your good thoughts and wishes of strength and prayers.


Beverly Lacey said...

Hi Lynne,
So glad that you are feeling better today. I continue to think of you all the time.
I certainly second your recommendation of Neveda Barr's mysteries, although I haven't read High Country yet.

Anonymous said...

Again, sounding like a broken record, I say that you are AMAZING!! Please know (as I know you do) that anything I can do to help with work stuff has only to be mentioned: your wish is my command. Kick the hell out of those miserable little mutant cells, and remember that you are held in an astounding number of hearts and prayers.

Love (and appropriate belligerence), Mary F.

Jeanne said...

Hi Lynne--a couple of things:

I seem to have lost your e-mail address, so please send me an e-mail when you get a chance so that I have it again.

On the tumor markers: you know that they can be notoriously unreliable, right? That's why docs usually use both tumor markers and scans to assess disease progression. Also, on the one that is still so high, you might ask you doctor or nurse about rumor marker flare. Sometimes it can go higher because the chemo is working. (That's my understanding of my oncologist's explanation from a year or so ago when mine were stubbornly high.)

A couple more things.

I wanted you to know that I gave a talk about cancer and blogging in Hawaii a week or so ago, and used your blog as an example.

Here's the link to the handout I put together for the talk:

The audience really loved it, and I'm hoping to do another talk at Gilda's Club here in Seattle before too long. If you have a chance, would you send me a few sentences about what you get out of blogging? If you have time.

And one final thing:

I've started reviewing "cancer movies" on my blog. Do you mind putting a link to this on your blog?

So far, I've reviewed Calendar Girls, Wit, Pieces of April, One True Thing, and Love Story.

Good luck with the chemo, and all the weird side effects.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,
Glad you are managing to get through this horrible treatment stuff! You are in my thoughts and prayers as always.
Thanks for the good mystery recommendation...Ani loves a good mystery...I'll pass the info on to her.
I hope that today finds you feeling even better than yesterday..and that each day brings you closer to squashing those cancer cells!

glightfoot said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the author recommendation -- Nevada Barr. I got her book, Blood Lure fromt the library and am enjoying it. It's been harder to know what to read with chemo. I find myself unable to get into very intricate novels and also with ones that are too light.