Friday, February 02, 2007

Stent Surgery Successful

As scheduled, I had my day surgery - with general anesthesia - to insert a stent between my kidney and bladder. Things went pretty much as scheduled, time wise and surgery wise. We'll be sure that the stent is doing its job and keeping the urine flowing from my right kidney when I go in for my next CT scan (still quite a few weeks away).

I'm trusting that it was successful, and that things will keep flowing!

Yesterday, I discovered the limits of my energy with a long day that left me wiped out and feeling crummy. I had felt well all day , and so I taught my classes, went for my pre-op appointment, took the commuter rail home, went to the drugstore for a prescription for a scopalamine patch (to reduce nausea and vomiting following the surgery), stopped at the supermarket, and came home exhausted. Did too much. So now I know there are limits to my energy, and I need to be careful about pushing them! Still, I did feel good early in the last 3 days, and have felt that I am tolerating the chemo well.

Today is Day 8 of this chemo cycle, and I did miss this morning's dose because I couldn't eat the morning of the surgery. Back to the Zeloda pills tonight, though.

That's my news for today. I'm going to take it easy tonight, doze my way through Friday night TV probably, and trust that tomorrow I'll feel great again.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are home and ok tonight. Yes, it sounds like yesterday was a bit full for someone on chemo. Rest and recover. Hope you sleep well and awake refreshed.

Anonymous said...

Hope you can really rest this weekend, and glad the procedure went well. Was just weeding out a lot of old e-mails and came across Jan's photo of the sendoff the day we went to New Orleans. You are at the bottom of the photo with your characteristic warm smile. I don't think you were feeling particularly well that morning, but you made us muffins, and they were delicious (of course). You are a generous person in many ways. Take good care. Love and blessings from me and Jerry.

Sandy said...

Here's hoping you wake feeling rested and energized! And yes, Linda is so right "your characteristic warm smile" is like sunshine.

Judy said...

Was thinking of you yesterday glad to hear everything went as schedule. You did have a full day yesterday. Rest today. You are in my prayers. Love Judy R.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your stent surgery went well and that you have decided to take it easy.
Listen to your body and relax.
Sending healing thoughts your way, Lynne.

Anonymous said...

hey lynne- it was so good to see you in the flesh last night !!!! and i must say you looked darn good for someone who had just gotten up from general anesthesia !!! way to go, woman !!!!
but seriously now, don't let all this talk of your superwoman status go to your head !!! take it easy already !!!! you need to rest !!! remember always lexie's chemo advice- "if you feel good, have some fun, and when you feel tired, lie on the couch for a while"(or in the recliner, as the casr may be)
love you-

Anonymous said...

Lynne....I was SO relieved to hear that you'd already arrived at home after Friday's procedure.....Always in mt thoughts and prayers. Thinking you well. Love, Jamie