Monday, April 02, 2007

Images from St. John - Vacation!

Ah,, St. John! Warm days, pleasant nights, lots of sun and warm water. . .

These photos aren't in any particular order, as downloading them in order is more challenging than it should be. . . .

There was live music many nights at the pavilion at the campground. Here the steel drummer showed Lucy, Nathaniel , Judy, and Patty how the drum works.

On the top right, Lucy and I are standing at Ram's Head, a beautiful cliff arrived at by a one mile (HOT) hike. The view, as you can see, is stupendous from the cliff, and we were glad to have made the hike. You can also see that the southern part of the island is drier and has cactus growing!

Below is Lucy drinking the coconut milk from a coconut (okay, we bought it at the local supermarket!), which was one of her goals for the trip.

Lucy and Nathaniel made friends with twins from Canada, Eric and Adrianna (and it turned out they had played together six years ago, too!), and they all had a great time with this half-broken air mattress.

One tradition on St. John is to drive down island to Vie's Chicken Shack and get her garlic fried chicken. Or, if she's out of chicken for the day (which can happen easily), you can eat conch fritters, meat sauce over beans and rice, or a hot dog (Nathaniel's choice). The food was good, and it was fun to drive across the island to her shack.

When we walked to Cinnamon Bay Beach from our campsite, we walked a path that emerged like this onto the beach - beautiful!

When we drove our friend Judy, who vacationed with us, to the ferry, we took a few pictures at this scenic site.

Photos from vacation! Next post on other matters, although there's no news since Friday. Stay tuned!


Patty said...

Such beautiful memories. Let's go again Lynne ... soon.

I love you madly and deeply!


Anonymous said...

oh my god !!!! i am sitting here crying !!!! it is just so beautiful !!!! and you all look so happy !!!! and relaxed !!!! and like you haven't a care in the world !!!!! ah, happy days !!!!!! you SO deserved this time and this place and someday i want to go there- until then, i will live in your pictures !!!! and in your joy !!!!!
i love you guys !!!!
love, alice

Anonymous said...

Calgon....take me awaaaaaaaay!
Wow...I would just love to be there, basking in the sun,drinking coconut milk ( somehow...drinking it in my kitchen while the Hannaford's sticker is still on it doesn't do the trick)...and leaving all cares behind.
You now have such wonderful, warm memories to focus on when the going gets rough!!
Thanks for sharing!
love and hugs,

Sandy said...

These are great! Such happy smiling faces....You all have a stash of memories to treasure, and you can "visit" anytime!

Lots of healing thoughts are streaming your way - especially tomorrow.

love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Lynne!
Those are some great pics of a beautiful family in a beautiful place! Your path to the beach looks so inviting, and it sure looks as though everyone had a wonderful time. I'm so glad you were able to go. :-)
Mary M