Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You can help!

As you might imagine it was not easy to share the news of Lynne's death with Lucy and Nathaniel. It is hard to believe that I just told them yesterday when they returned home from camp. It feels like weeks ago - my body exhausted yet my heart feels relief and a sort of peaceful sad feeling. Lynne went so peacefully, she was radiant, surrounded by such love and care.

About a month ago Lynne and I spoke about the possibility of her writing letters to the kids, sort of a final gift that they could keep and reread whenever they needed to. Her time went so quickly that she never got to write them. I know Lucy and Nathaniel have wonderful memories
of Lynne and these memories will sustain them... yet I had an idea (of course!) that though it won't replace letters from Lynne - it might help them remember her in the days, months and years to come.

You can help! I know all of you who write on the blog have been touched in many ways by Lynne, you may have stories or memories yourselves that sustain you. I am asking any of you who wish to write a letter to Lucy and Nathaniel about what Lynne meant to you- how you knew her, a story, a memory whatever feels right for you. I will put these letters in a book that in the future the kids can read them and be helped to remember not only how special Lynne was to them but how special Lynne was to so many of you. I so want the silly kids in the picture to find their smile again.

From the bottom of my heart... thanks.

Please post the letter on this blog, or email me at pakogut@aol.com .

May your hearts be open to respond. In many ways it is a final gift you can give to Lynne for all that she has given to you.

Love to all,



Anonymous said...

Dear Patty--
What a wonderful idea! I'll start working on letters to each of them which I will probably just bring with me this weekend.
I'm sure their smiles will return as they remember all your family times together, look at the "Mama Lynne" picture books that your friend created for them, and hear you tell stories about Lynne. I'll do anything I can to keep her alive in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

What an honor to be asked to contribute to such a special project!


Anonymous said...

Dear Patty--
I would love to help you out with helping Lucy and Nathaniel remember such a wonderful women, friend, parent and wife. I love both thier smiles and would do anything to help you and them both get them back.
Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

What an awesome idea.Jeri and I had already decided to do something along the same lines.We will do both!Lucy and Nathaniel are such joyful children...You and Lynne have given them a foundation full of love,acceptance and joy.They will have joy again because so much of it has been sown into their lives thru the two of you.I love you all and will be there Friday.....Lanie

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,

I'm so happy I looked at Lynne's blog this morning. The purpose I looked at it was to read to a friend the message you gave all of us Patty about remembering moments w/ Lynne, say a prayer for her and then go hug someone long enough to feel their heart beat, their breath on our neck and say thank you. I hold that message close to my heart as these days pass.

And absolutely, we will be delighted to write letters to Lucy and Nathaniel. We have shared some special times with all of you.

I'll send these very soon.

love to you all

Donna and Carol

Anonymous said...

It is an incredible idea! All three of you need to find your smiles again - you WILL find them.
Letters will be forthcoming,
Mary McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patty -- I've already started the wheels in motion, and told all the colleagues and students who want to write (and that's just about everybody) to forward the letters to me, or follow your instructions in the blog. In the midst of sorrow, I hope these missives bring a teeny bit of joy to you all.

Mary F.

Anonymous said...

Such a simple request...that will have a profound impact on your two beautiful children I'm sure.
As always...you are reaching beyond yourself to help and support dear Lucy and Nathaniel.
Your selflessness and love are just such an inspiration.
Of course I will write.
Thank you for the opportunity.
We love you all,

noone said...

Dear Patty,
I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I am so very sorry that Lynne is gone. Not having a good day here myself but I will think on this and write something for you. If you'd like, the last post on my blog is about Lynne. Feel free to print that off and keep it. I'll do a better letter for the children than that post. But I think it would be good for them to know about the lives Lynne touched online.


Anonymous said...

patty- i would love to write a letter to each of the kids about lynne !!! no problem- i will get it to you on email soon- a fine idea, my friend !!! we will do anything to help those darlings get their smiles back !!!! first we have to figure out how to get ours back, but then lynne would want some laughter, wouldn't she ???? i LOVED to make her laugh !!!! 'cause she had the BEST laugh !!!!
love you guys -