Monday, February 12, 2007


This is just a quick check-in to say that those four groups of papers to return to my students are finally graded! I'm so relieved that I can return them tomorrow, as my students need the feedback.

One thing I had to figure out about grading is that my energy is all turned around over the course of the day. I've always been a night person, with lots of energy in the evening - my favorite time of day to grade papers! Since I started chemo, my energy is best in the morning, and slowly seeps away as the day progresses. By evening, I'm wiped, and only good for dinner -maybe - and an hour of TV before falling into bed. The stamina I have relied on so much all my life has just left me.

I talked with Tia tonight. She started chemo last week; Oxaliplatin and Gemzar, one drug the same as mine, one different. We compared symptoms and stories. We are both relieved to be doing really well, all things considered.

Tomorrow is my big teaching day, and Wednesday I get to see my doctors in the midst of a forecast northeaster snowstorm. We'll see if this one is more than a dusting, and how the roads are. I trust we'll make it there and back safely, and so will Alice and Lexie, going to Boston for Lexie's chemo.

Life without stamina. One foot in front of the other, and does bed ever feel good at the end of the day!


Anonymous said...

hey lynne- i was thinking we'd sleep over in the jimmy fund !!!!
they have lots of beds, and good tv- the food court's right next door- sbarro makes a nice pasta dinner-
but i'm afraid they don't allow sleepovers- or i'd for sure invite you over to spend the night with us-
well, maybe it'll just rain !!!! it usually does !!!!
good luck in wed. - and do like lexie says- "if you feel good, have some fun (or correct papers, as the case may be), and when you're tired , rest on the couch !!!!!!
love, alice

Anonymous said...

YAY for getting the papers graded!!! Cathy

Anonymous said...

I'm a first time blogger for your page, but I confess I have read them since day 1. So I'm taking time on this "snow day" to say hi. The College of Wooster closed today because we have about 20" of the beautiful white stuff.
Your blog is so informative to all of us who have not yet been confronted with cancer. I love your honesty through all the ups and downs of your disease. You give each of us hope that we can handle with grace whatever comes along our path.
Keep those blogs coming...
Elaine (Smith Snyder)