Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Didn't Know I was Worried . . .

This really is my last post before we depart for vacation. Honest!

I finally talked with my doctors today, and after talking with the urologist, Dr. D, I realized I was worried about the stent keeping things flowing between my kidney and bladder. Yes, Dr. M told me Monday that the kidney looked better, and I thought the kidney looked better, but it still didn't look normal, and I knew from the urologist that if this stent didn't work, the next step would be more drastic. They would create a stent in my back into the kidney, and the urine would drain into a bag, completely bypassing the ureter and bladder (for that kidney, but not the other one). I really don't want that kind of stent! I would do it if it meant keeping the kidney, but I really don't want it . . . It's not as if this stent is great. Sometimes I feel it, and it's uncomfortable. But if it's working, that's good.

So, when Dr. D looked at the scan today and said the kidney looked better, despite the failure of the urine to drain completely, I was relieved. He also said that when the stent is replaced (which they plan to do each three months), he could put one in with a slightly larger diameter, to help drainage. He had a plan, he wasn't worried, and I was relieved.

Later today, I talked with the oncologist, Dr. J. He listened to my story of side effects, and proposed that we cut the dose of both of the chemo drugs. He suggested we try that before going with a port. "Why have the additional procedure if you don't need it, and the lower dose gives you fewer side effects?" he asked. I had to agree that fewer procedures sounded good. So, a lower dose of the oxaliplatin to help with the exhaustion, funny numbness in the back of my throat, and tight muscles in my calves that I experienced last time. A lower dose of the Xeloda to help avoid hand-foot syndrome. I'll go for my next chemo treatment on the Friday after we get back.

For now, I'm on a chemo holiday, and feeling more like myself with each day that passes. Yea! You all have wished me bon voyage, and have a great trip many times over, and I appreciate that. I did think, while meditating this morning, that I also wanted to ask for continued prayers and healing energy. Please don't stop! I feel the support, and the prayers, and the positive energy, and it sustains and nourishes me when things are tough.

That's it for now!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE getting here first- i don't know why, jsut do-
so have fun , enjoy the warmth of the sun, and know that my prayers are daily, long term, and never ending, even if you say you don't need them anymore-
love, alice

Anonymous said...

A very fond bon voyage to you, Patty and the kids! I will surely keep praying for you. Heck! I have already spoken with God about you this morning, and it's only 5:30! ;-) Seriously though, have fun, be warm, and know that lots of us back here will be thinking of you and praying for you every single day!
Take care!
Mary M

Anonymous said...

My prayers never stop.


Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers! I hope you have a wonderful vacation...making meaning in the sun and having fun with your family! We will continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers and keep sending healing energy.

Anonymous said...

Me? Stop praying for your healing?? Never!!
Even when you are completely healed and kicking up your heels and dancing I will be continuing to pray a prayer of thanks and continued good health and good luck.
You go and have a great time and leave the praying to us!! We're all praying and chanting for you from the dawn to the time when we all drop into bed at night!
All you need to concern yourself with on vacation is getting enough rest, relaxation and those tropical smoothies to quench and nourish you!! Have fun with Patty and the kids!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Godspeed, sweet family
Love, Jamie

Anonymous said...

Prayers are heading your way every day!
Susan H.

noone said...

Darnit Lynne, I was sure I left a message on this. I read it already. Too much happening here.

I am so glad your vacation is here. Go have fun. Relax, enjoy, and heal some. You deserve it. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always :) Have an awesome vacation! {{Hug}}

Lipglossles said...

Have a wonderful time, you are are always in our prayers. And we will see you when you get back.
love, stac

Arlene said...

I love your posts - you can make me "see" it all. Know that you are in many thoughts and prayers. There are many praying for you that you do not even suspect. Arlene in Alabama

Caroline Stoufer said...

Hope your vacation is beautiful. Let us hear more!

-Caroline Stoufer