Monday, March 05, 2007

So Far, So Good - No Sign of Cancer Spread

This morning was my long-awaited CT scan to see if the tumors are responding to the chemotherapy. Patty came with me, as I'm still feeling less than my usual self following the stomach virus, and a lot of the morning was uneventful . . . banana flavored barium, CT scan, request for DVD of the scan, blood drawn, waiting for the DVD of the scan, only to be told that their DVD burning machine was broken. So, I came home without the pictures, which was frustrating.

But this afternoon, as promised, Dr. M called, with a draft of the radiologist report and his own reading of the scan. The radiologist thinks things look the same; Dr. M thinks the tumor in my abdomen may be slightly smaller. In any event, it's not larger, which suggests that the chemo is having an impact. With gallbladder cancer, it's not unusual for a response to be modest. These drugs were developed for other cancers, and the doctors are just trying them out on those of us with this rare - "exotic" - cancer. Dr. M said that the stent seems to have relieved some of the backup in my kidney, but that the kidney wasn't completely normal.

Of course I would have rather heard that the tumor had vanished, but this is at least modestly good news. And with this news we'll head out of town on Friday, ready for this much anticipated vacation!


Jamie said...

AWESOME, Lynne! T-minus 4 days in counting! May you gain strength in the days ahead to celebrate vacation with your sweet family! Love, Jamie

Anonymous said...

hi lynne- thinking of you- thrilled to hear your good results !!!!
even more thrilled to hear you're so close to lift off !!!!
enjoy the sun-
thanks for the nancy drew's - the girl's on quite a roll with those things !!!!
talk to you about your fab vacation when you're back !!
love, alice

Anonymous said...

Yay! No growth, no spread. Now go have fun and relax in the sun!


Anonymous said...

Fantabulous, Lynne!!
We LOVE it when good news happens!!
Woo oo!! ( said while jumping up and down and waving a fist in the air)
Now....go and get some rest and relaxation and drink the native elixirs of tropical fruits and ...could you maybe bring a little of that sunshine and warmth BACK with you????

Sandy said...

For an "exotic" cancer with a typically poor prognosis, we'll celebrate even modestly good news! Add our wishes to the looooong list of others who are glad you will soon be in beautiful St. John soaking up the sun! Love, Sandy and Mark

Caroline Stoufer said...

Lynne -

Your blog is so helpful to me! I spent most of my adult life and Weight Watchers (even worked for them twice). So it is amazing to me that I can eat anything I want and NOT gain weight. I just don't have the appetite I used to, but I try to do everything backwards of WW. Like all the breadsticks I want at the Olive Garden, pasta with Alfredo sauce, etc. But you know, healthier food appeals to me more now. Sugary foods kind of make me feel bad.

Anyway, can't wait to hear about the Virgin Islands. I went there in the summer of 1969 on a family vacation.

Thanks for your information. It is a really helpful!

-Caroline Stoufer

glightfoot said...

Excellent news Lynn. I'm very happy for you.


Tia said...

Aloha Lynne,

Oh, yes, we sure want those tumors to DISAPPEAR but lack of growth is OK, too, given the other options. I've said a prayer of gratitude.
Off to St. John with you all! Try your best to forget this blasted cancer. I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you can go off to St. John with good news.
Love to you all,

noone said...

This is great news Lynne! Keep on moving forward. A vacation awaits you and with this welcome news, you can truly relax and enjoy yourself :)
Have a wonderful time!! {{Hug}}

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time in St. John. Enjoy the sunshine, warmth and beauty. I hope you find your vacation very relaxing and cleansing.

Love to all,