Thursday, March 01, 2007

A New Month on the Calendar

It's March! When the calendar turns to this month, spring is on the way. So what if snow is forecast for tonight, the end of winter is in view! A new month for me also means a new month of surviving, and thriving, despite the cancer and the chemotherapy. Last weekend I officially passed 9 months since diagnosis. Last summer, after my diagnosis of gallbladder cancer, I was hoping I'd live to see another spring, but I had no idea what state I'd be in when spring arrived.

This last day has left me dealing with more mundane health issues. I have a stomach virus, most likely the norovirus. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, the whole picture. The "good" news, in a mixed up way, is that Patty got it first, a few nights ago, so when it happened to me, I didn't think it was a side effect of the chemo. I just assumed I had a stomach virus. Even the Boston Globe had an article today about how widespread the virus is in the area.

For those of you who worry about me, yes, I am staying hydrated. Lots of flat gingerale, and a little chicken broth, a few crackers, half a banana, some water. And yes, I did call the oncology nurse today to touch base with her about how I was feeling and what I should do. She told me not to worry about lingering symptoms unless they continue into tomorrow. I've spent the day in bed, warm and snuggly, napping, reading, napping some more. And visiting the bathroom a lot.

So, it's a new month, and a week from tomorrow we get into an airplane to fly to St. Thomas, USVI, and then a ferry to St. John for 10 days. Every bright day with blue skies reminds me of the warm, sunny weather there, and all of the sunshine oriented things we will be doing. Every cell in my body is eager to soak up the warmth and the Vitamin D (except you bad cancer cells; no warmth or vitamins for you!) I guess it's pretty clear that I'm really, really looking forward to this vacation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,

So sorry you and Patty got the bug. Hope you're both feeling much, much better by now. How many cancer patients would be able to put a positive spin on having that virus? You are special.

I, too, am feeling spring coming and it is exhilirating. As soon as I turned the calendar at work, the first thing my eye caught was "first day of spring" and the second was "spring break begins"!! Praying that YOUR break will be buoyed up by good news from your scan on Monday.

Much love,
Linda and Jerry

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! You and Patty have what we here on the farm have come to know as 'the plague'!!! It began with the manchild..( aka Nick )...nothing like a boy (or man) with the bug, I say! And as a mom...I loved being able to pamper him. ( which usually my rough and tough 16 yr. old won't stand!). Then the youngest fell victim....a few days afterward..the middle child...and finally...the biggest "child"...the hubster! I am the only one who managed to avoid the "double whammy". Maybe by being the person who handled everyone else's misery...handing them the bucket and cleaning up after them I built up my immunity....OR mmmmaybe because I was battling the flu (aches, pains and cement-laden head)!! WHO knows? All I know is is NOT fun and it lasts one good day of trips to the bathroom then another cuple of feeling ...."weird".(as the kids informed me). I pushed the italian ice, popsicles, gatorade and then ....when they could eat...the BRAT diet. ( Bananas, rice (yum) applesauce and toast)
YES! Spring! I am psyched!!
It is like a mud bath out in the back pasture....but we are all hopeful of impending warmer weather. No more icy more freezing cold hands and feet ( although...this is where my hot flashes come in handy!), no more trying to chip away at the frozen horse manure piles to try to clean them up and trying to handle the wheelbarrow to the icy path to the "pile"...hoping not to literally ...fall into it! hahaha
(which...I did once...of course!)
Ok...sending positive vibes your way! My can survive anything!! Especially with the smell of spring in the air! ( and you CAN smell it...especially in the rain!!!)
Love, laughs and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Our trees are covered with inches of ice - which means it is getting warmer! Ah, spring.

Thanks for writing back, Lynne. I hope that 10 days in the sun warms every cell, encouraging the healty ones to fight back even harder. Bon voyage.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne! I am so happy that you all be able to relax and soak in the warmth of the sun. I'm actaully counting down the days for you all!.....On another note, Nurse Ratchitt (that would be ME! hahaha!) wants all of you to continue to have good handwashing, as well as maybe consider Airborne (I use the CVS-grand called Air Shield) at the onset of any further flu, "bug"; etc....If you'd consider it, check with your doctor to make sure it's recommended concurrently with your present regime....Also, Amy's home for the weekend and just went to a program, where she heard of (Himalayan) Gogi Juice, which is a health promoting tonic, as well supplement for various diseases: and/or trying to climb up on that soapbax, but thought it interesting, as well as something to consider....One of my favorite things to do is to collect sayings, poems, reflections, stories; etc. I came across the following and immediately thought of you, Lynne, as you have been fighting hard this disease. You may know it. It "IS" you:
What Cancer Cannot Do: It cannot cripple love, It cannot shatter hope, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot destroy peace, It cannot kill friendship, It cannot suppress memories, It cannot silence courage, It cannot invade the soul, It cannot steal eternal life, It cannot conquer the spirit. -source unknown- As I do at school, aiming at the various vacations, T-minus 7 days! Love you all, Jamie

Anonymous said...

YUCK on the stomach bug for you and Patty - I hope you are recovering now and that the kids don't get it too! :-(
BUT...Hooray for a new month and the approach of another gorgeous season! I remember hearing about your diagnosis last spring, and I remember wondering if YOU spent alot of time wondering if you'd be here to see another....season, milestone, event, or whatever. You did address that in a very memorable post - I think it was called "Bittersweet", and I talked about that with some friends. BUT, now here comes Spring, and a well-deserved rest for you and Patty, basking in the sun and warmth. Lets see....if my math is correct, that plane will be taking off in only SIX more days! WOOOO-HOOOO!!!
See you tomorrow,
Mary McCarthy