Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter! - a little late

This evening, 8 days after the last chemo infusion, finds me feeling marginally better, with enough energy to at least begin a new post about Easter. We took some good photos of the kids celebrating Easter, and I wanted to share them.

One of our tradition is coloring eggs, and I still had energy on Saturday morning to color with the kids. Here's Nathaniel, being an 8-year old boy, and Lucy, looking charming and holding the basket of eggs.

Another tradition is an Easter egg hunt at Nana's house. We fill the plastic eggs that are so readily available with candy, and the kids hunt all over the yard. Great fun! Nathaniel searched with cousin Deana, and Lucy searched with cousin Brian.

What would Easter be without flowers? With our unseasonably cool spring, my hyacinths are just beginning to come up, and so were not blooming on Sunday. My Lenten rose, which is related to my Christmas rose (see post of January 29), is up but not showy. Hopefully, it will survive tonight's forecast snowstorm (yes, really, on April 11) and continue to open up.
Those are some photos and some memories. Thanks to all of you who send prayers, healing thoughts, good wishes and reminders to listen to my body. I'm doing my best to take it slow and let the chemo do its work. I do hope I'm on the upswing energy-wise until the next infusion. This week has been tough.


Breena said...

Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Lynne. I'm so glad that you are a bit better today.


Sandy said...


So glad to hear you are starting to feel stronger. Just the fact that you had the energy to post this note is evidence of improvement! Sweet pictures....And on the subject of visual images, I just have to say I thought the little stick figure in your post yesterday was a hoot! It made me smile, even though I was feeling sad for you having to endure those nasty chemo side effects. I like Mary’s concept of resting to mobilize all your inner resources to work along with the drugs. And here’s another silly song idea: To the tune of “We will, we will, rock you” by Queen...Shrink that, shrink that, tumor!

I continue to pray for your health, strength, and inner peace.
love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

happy easter!!
Sounds and looks like Easter and the children brought you lots of inner warmth and strength. What better medicine than that!??
Keep on listening to your body and rest and gain energy and visualize!
I am sending prayers your way!
As for the snow....the best part about that at this time of year is knowing that it will melt in one day's warmth. A little springtime solar energy melts the ice away!!
Just like your visualization...!...A little inner light and energy will melt that tumor away!!

Anonymous said...

Hi... my name is Cindy Roth and you commented on my blog about my friend who recently passed with gallbladder cancer. I will speak with them when they are ready....they are having a very hard time right now, but I am sure they will want to help. God's blessings to you on the research you are doing!

Anonymous said...


Two days after your post, and hoping you are feeling more energetic. I am imagining that this week has been so hard because those drugs are working extra hard for you. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday...rain and wind won't deter happy, healing, hopeful thoughts and prayers for you, Patty and kids.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures, Lynne!
The kids are really growing up, aren't they? Lucy is indeed quite charming, and Nathaniel is endearing as always.
I am thinking that you must be either quite tired or busy, as it is now three days since your post. If it is the former, I picture you allowing your body all of the resources it needs to help the drugs shrink the tumor. If it is the latter, I hope it is with something fun!
See you tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. The buds emerging from the leaves are such a perfect symbol of your continued growth and reach for light in the midst of the storm of cancer. Your reflections are wonderful reminders of the value of appreciating each moment, something I so often forget as I stress about small things and lose perspective. Thanks for the gift of your observations! I'm glad to see you all enjoyed a great time in St. John and on Easter! I hope you keep getting stronger like those flowers; I am visualizing and sending a warm glow to surround you in your comfy chair. Laura