Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Post from Patty (still in Ptown)

A couple of days ago I was talking to Lucy on the beach about Lynne and the ever changing state of her disease. Lucy replied, "Mom, the only constant thing is change." I told her she was right and asked where had she heard that? She said her Karate teacher Sensi Joe had taught them that. With the gentle Cape Cod breezes I offered up a prayer of thanksgiving for all the "teachers" in our "village" who are helping raise Lucy and Nathaniel.

I am glad for Lucy that she has some ability to roll with change because Lynne's state continues to change, on a daily and sometimes an hourly basis. Since her last post, we have remained in Ptown, we moved to a wonderful cottage looking out on the bay in North Truro. Since Lynne's challenge with pain at the end of last week we have been able to get it under some control. The on-call nurse Ginny (old friend, long story) came out to the Cape over the weekend to see Lynne, get her pain under control, ease our anxiety, etc. It was good and Lynne felt more relaxed and able to just enjoy being here. Mostly Lynne is resting/sleeping these last days. Some because of meds, some because of her liver starting to be unable to process the toxins in her system. Ginny said, "Lynne has really moved into the next phase of this process."

With all this we have had some wonderful moments. Lynne got me up in the middle of the night to watch passing storm outside the huge sliding doors. It was awesome to see the power of nature, the lightning, hear the thunder yet feel the safety of this little cottage, holding Lynne's hand. She wakes up to watch the moon, see the stars most every night. She says this place makes her feel happy, at peace. (Thank you sooooo much Brian and Marianne.)

Our friend "Aunt" Bev has been with us this week which makes it easier to keep the kids busy and enjoying this place. They have been to a ranger program at the National Seashore, have learned new painting technique from Donna (old friend, long story), picked up shells at the beach, ate ice cream at Ben and Jerry's and lots more stuff. With Lynne their hugs are more tender, their voices are more quiet, their hearts are more open. We are all aware that these moments together are precious.

Today, some of us will go see the Forth of July parade here in Ptown (we will be thinking of all our friends serving hot dogs and watching the Middleboro parade today as well!) Lynne is planning on conserving here energy so she can stay up till 9:00 PM to see the fireworks right outside our little cottage overlooking the bay.

Thanks for checking in. Lynne sends love and gentle hugs. I know she wishes she could write some (perhaps soon) but now she just needs to rest. Blessings to all.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of Lynne. I am so glad you are enjoying the cape. xxoo Emo, Laurie and Lea

glightfoot said...

Thanks so much for posting Patty. I am struck by Lynne's picture -- so much love and joy. You are so lucky to have this time together.

much love to you all,


Lipglossles said...

Lynne, I love the fishy, "great picture". We are thinking about you all down there. We will be celebrating with Sheila and Joanne and crew this day, missing you all by the pool...Hugs and kisses to you all...
Stacey, Tanya and crew

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

Thanks so much for bringing us up to date. So good to see Lynne smiling and know that she is feeling happiness and peace. Your children are wonderful and amazing, true reflections of the special nature of their parents.

We miss you but know you are in the right place, and we look forward to welcoming you home with gentle hugs. Daily prayers and happy thoughts are with you all.

Love, Linda and Jerry

PS - hot dogs and water sold out...Jane and Jeanne's float won first prize!!

Anonymous said...


This is the first time for me writing words in your blog. Usually, Linda has done the writing for both of us. But know that I love you and I am grateful for the time that we have been able to spend together with you, Patty and the kids. I shall always cherish the little talks, the tom-foolery in choir, your laugh and more importantly, your unconditional love for Linda, Josh and me. Every week when we sing "This little light of mine", I shall always remember that for a brief moment you were shining light in all our lives.

"Can your soul be out there somewhere, beyond the infinity of time? I guess you found some answers now; I'll have to wait for mine. When my light joins with yours one day, we'll shine through time and space; and one day fall on a distant age, upon some strangers face.

And your light still shines, it's one small star to guide me; and it helps me to hold back the dark. Your light's still shining, in my heart..."

My love goes with you.


Carl said...

Prayers and good wishes go out to you all, in this difficult, painful, beautiful time.

Your picture, Lynne, speaks the proverbial thousand words.

Grace and peace.

Anonymous said...

"She says this place makes her feel happy, at peace."...that plus Lynne's sweet cause to celebrate, and offer up another prayer of gratitude. Enjoy each precious moment. Know that you are all loved and held close in our hearts.

hugs from Sandy and Mark

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the update. As I write, I have tears of sadness, but also ones of gratitude for the wonderful cottage in Ptown that you guys are- which is allowing all of you to spend the time you need with each other and offer a peaceful feeling for Lynne.

I have always thought of Lucy and Nathaniel as 2 of the most emotionally and healthy and sound children I know, as a direct result of having you and Lynne as parents. I pray for them as they also go through this transition.

Lynne's smile continues to shine. Please give her a hug for me- hugs all around, to you and the kids as well. Enjoy as much as possible for the rest of the week and capture every moment that you can!

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

Lynne and Patty -

I treasure the picture of you enjoying this place you have loved so much. I continue to hold you all in my prayers daily. Please tell the kids I said "hi."

Grace and Peace -

Anonymous said...

Patty...Thank you for your words. As Sandy said, so glad that Lynne is happy and at peace there with all of you. I pray for you to feel all the love surrounding you and helping to hold you up in the days and weeks, Jamie

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful smile, Lynne! I am so glad to hear that you feel happy and at peace there on the Cape. Rest and relish that happy peaceful feeling, all the time knowing how much you are in everyone's prayers and how much you are loved and admired. You have truly given this journey more meaning than I could have ever imagined.

Patty thanks for posting and sharing Lucy's learned wisdom. You are all in my thoughts and prayers constantly.


Anonymous said...

Patty and family I had a great time grilling hot dogs today. I looked over at the parsonage often thinking of all of you. As I yelled hotdogs get your hotdogs here I was wishing that Lynne could hear me. I am sure she would have had a good laugh. Let Lynne know I send gentle hugs and prayers her way. Speacial ones for Lucy, Nathanel and you. Its so hard for all of you to see someone so special in your life slip away as each moment passes by.We know she is going to a wonderful heaven we will still miss her here. Love to all of you Mary

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see Lynne's smile!
I am so grateful for knowing you both, and for the example you give us all of living in love through such a time as this. Jerry has put in to words many of my own thoughts, so I will just say "ditto" to his post.
Take care and know that we are thinking of you and praying for you every day.
Mary M

Anonymous said...

patty and lynne- you are both so precious !!! and this picture of lynne has never found her looking more beautiful, don't you think ???? i am glad the kids are moving in their process, too- they will find their way- maybe someday they can have a conversation with my kids, who have been involved with some intense and beautiful moments of late, both at home and at camp sunshine-
i am so happy that lynne feels at peace there- that is what we were all hoping for -
thank you for updating us all- you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly now-
love to all-
alice, nancy, lexie and emily

Anonymous said...

hey all,

thank you for the posting -- i was worried, and not. i feel so grateful for you all to be in such a great location and sweet moments!!

dear toss
love you! and the dance of a flurry of angels and fairies are holding you close. "swing low sweet chariot" and other anthems of god's grace and love are with you!!

LOVE spazzz

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Lynne is looking more and more youthful as this journey continues??...What peace and sweet contentment shines from behind her eyes and through that wide, warm smile!
I am so glad that you all are together and enjoying each moment as it comes...moving with the changes as they happen and holding hands and cradling hearts.
We love you all and are sending our prayers and always.

noone said...

Thank you for sharing with us Patty. A big hug to you and Lynne.

Lynne looks fabulous! Such a beautiful smile. It sounds you two picked a beautiful spot to vacation.

My thoughts are with you all.
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne and Patty,

Thank you for sharing your pictures and your post to keep us informed. Lucy speaks words of continues to unfold and change at its own pace. These days are both precious and bittersweet. I'm glad you were able to return to the Cape, a place which has held special memories for you both. May you sense the great cloud of witnesses that seek to walk with you and uphold you in our prayers and our love for you both. May you continue to find ways to let your light shine and be upheld by the Great Spirit of Gentleness and Peace.
Much Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Sue Flynn

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patty for updating us.
I miss you guys and wonder daily how you are all doing. With you in Ptown I can't come by for a visit as easily.
As I read your posting I realized that Lynn is in the perfect setting for this time of her life.

I love that fish pillow Lynn is resting on !!
Sending my love to you and Lynn.
Dale offer still stands for private duty nursing....

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,

Please forgive the fact that I have not written to you as yet. I have to admit I have been putting it off. Today marks the first day I logged onto your blog and it was as I imagined. It is something that I do to keep from getting hurt. I disassociate myself from the people that could really use my help all because I do not want to hurt. Well, today I said to myself, you ass, tell her that she is loved and being thought of all the time, that prayers are being sent her way so very often and she will be truely missed. You completely amaze me. Jackie Lamoureux has been keeping me up to date but it is not the same as actually reading your story for myself. I'm sorry I missed your 60th birthday. I love you and agree that you are truely loveable.


Anonymous said...

Your blog really touched me. Your friends and colleagues from Suffolk's Safe Zone Committee have you in our thoughts...

Anonymous said...


My first attempt did not post, but don't be surprised if it does eventually.

I love the picture --you look happy, joyful, and full of life. We had a spectular thunderstorm in Haverhill today, followed by a beautiful rainbow; it made me think of you.

I hope you have a beautiful sky this evening with lots of dreamy, thought provoking clouds and a shooting start (or two) to warm your heart and soul. Glad to hear you are feeling better and to know that the children have such a large village; that must provide a great deal of comfort to you.

Sarah Carroll

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty, Lynne, Lucy, Nathanal and Bev. We sent a message earlier today but don't think we did it correctly.

Thanks Patty for your reflections on all of your latest days on the lower cape. We feel so honored to be invited into the circle of your family once again. Life has blessed us with so many gifts, including the time spent with all of you last Sat. We hold all of you close to our hearts in your challanges and wonderful tender moments. Our love and hope always is with you each.

Hope to see you here in P-town later this summer. More time to paint and share life again.

Donna and Carol

Unknown said...

I'm also struck by how happy and free lynne looks in this picture. I have to think it must be a reflection of her internal process and her joy at having this special time together in a favorite place.

We think of you all often.

with love, laurie

Anonymous said...

Though you do not know me, Lynne,
I send you gentle hugs and prayers for peace & relief from pain. I have learned some about you from your blog, and I wish God would have brought our lives together before now, so I could have known both you and Patty and the children.
I KNOW you would be such an inspiration, though the cross you carry is probably as difficult as the one Jesus himself carried was for HIM. You reflect HIS love and faith through
your words and the way you have handled the entire process of illness.
I am honored to know you some throgh this blog you created, and I love and admire your honesty and abilty to help others, even as you need God and others youself.
I am a close friend of Mary McCarthy, just so you know who I am. My brother is Jim Sanford ("Mary's Jim")
God be with you in all ways as you enjoy , feel, touch and experience Him there in your little cottage by the sea with people you love.
You are and have been in my prayers,
as have Patty and your children.
Peace. Anita Sanford

Anonymous said...

Lynne....I thought of you tonight when, on the evening news, it was mentioned that Provincetown and the surrounding area would have severe thunderstorms, high winds and hail! (As long as everyone's safely inside), HOW exciting for all of you! Daily thoughts and prayers for your continued sense of peace that, truly, "All is well", Jamie

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lynne and Patty,
It means alot to be able to check in on your lives, so rich in so many ways, yet laced with the unexpected, bittersweet presence of Lynne's life changing cancer. I think of you and the kids daily and send my love. We are opening up the New Hampshire cabin this weekend and want you to know that you are free to use it as much as you would like to this summer. Except for a few small interludes, I could even join you. And, if you would like to spend another week on the cape, I could arrange some time for you with friends in Orleans. Sending fond and gentle huggs, Deane

Anonymous said...

I'm sending gentle hugs, prayers and much love, Deane

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. Deane

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. Deane

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,Lynne,Lucy & Nate,
Wow what a beautiful post Patty. We are up here in Maine and thinking of your family daily. Know that our prayers are with you all.
Love, Richard,Maria,Colleen & Joe

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne and Patty,

Loved the picture of you, Lynne. Good for you to get Patty up to watch the storm-pretty spectacular weather. All of us should always take the time to remember these special little private moments that we will always treasure with each other. Thank you.

Great fish pillow!!

Gentle hugs and good thoughts
Deb, Richard, and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Happened to bump into Lynne when she went to Rosie's for a massage. In her true fashion she was interested in how I was doing.

I hold you all in my heart...every day...hugs to you all...I am so glad you are near the beach...for you, and the kids....
Sue C.

Teresa Hartman said...

Sending you hugs and great beach days from here in hot Omaha, Lynne. I am very happy that you and your family are enjoying the time on the coast. Thinking of you -Teresa

Judy Robinson said...

What a great picture of Lynne and I love the fish pillow - Glad you, Lynne and the kids had a great time together - also with great friends.
Glad the choir had a chance to sing the song to Lynne today and put a smile on her face. Life is about family and friends.
much love to you all,
Judy Robinson

Anonymous said...

It's so moving to read your words, Patty. You are blessed with such a beautiful family. Thank you both for keeping all those who love you up to date - I continure to send you lots of love and prayers for you and the kids from New York.
Much love,

Peg Kamens said...

Hi Lynne & Patti:

Hello from Peg at CGC! For so long, I have been feeling like someone who listens the the fundraising drive but doesn't contribute. I have been reading your blog regularly for many months now, following your progress and silently sending you my good wishes and appreciations. Your blog has, among other things, helped me move through my friend Jack's struggle with brain and lung cancer - he was diagnosed around the same time as Lynne.

I want to tell both of you how much I appreciate your decision to turn a tough diagnosis into an opportunity to offer support and information to a larger community. Lynne, I had already admired your move from a career in law to a life devoted to making art and teaching. I loved having you as my silk art teacher at camp - your patience and ability to juggle many demands at one time were impressive. Your deep appreciation of the natural world inspire me - I realized I always did think that spirituality resides in the miracle of the physical world. And the story I have followed of your family's deep love and the dignity of your journey is one I have shared with many friends. So I send my love and pagan prayers to your family, and wish for a gentle transition for you all.
Love, Peg

Anonymous said...

You are in a prayers and our hearts. Love to all of you.
Rosie, Tanya, and Adam...

Mary McCarthy said...

Lynne and Patty,
I just wanted to tell you what an honor it was to be part of the choir that sang for you yesterday. Lynne, you listened to our far-from-perfect singing, and told us it was beautiful. :-) You are now and always will be a cherished and much loved member of our choir.