Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new wheelchair

Okay, so many of you got a good laugh at the thought of me pushing Lynne in her "transport chair" down the bumpy roads of Provincetown to the point of her saying "Patty (bump, bump, bump) could you slow down (bump, bump, bump) a bit ... I am starting to get (bump, bump, bump) nauseous." Well, to solve the "bumpyroad/fastpushing" problem we got a new wheelchair, one with a big slick back wheel for our next trip to Provincetown (this time with kids and a few friends.) We will be leaving next Saturday and hopefully will be able to stay two weeks. Mary, Lynne's hospice nurse, will be transferring her care to the local Ptown hospice so if Lynne needs anything while we are away she can get it.

Life these days has gotten pretty simple around here. Supporting Lynne as she attempts to find the right combination of drugs to keep her pain at bay and the right combination of food that she can keep down. We make outings to Rosie, Lynne's massage therapist for Reiki and reflexology. We are catching up on all the TV watching we missed out during our busy year. Lynne says that watching TV helps take her mind off her aches and pains.

Lucy and Nathaniel are out of school so that adds another challenge for the household, but so far ... so good.

In the midst of all this day to day stuff I am aware of my deep sadness at the thought of a future without Lynne, I am aware of the pain I feel for the kids who in time will lose a mom... I am keenly aware of the tenderness in the hearts of so many of you who have touched us with your kindness, support and care.

This is a holy, sacred time for all of us. Through the bumpy roads, tender hugs, pregnant pauses ... holy, it is holy. Thanks you for joining us on this journey.



Anonymous said...

You are so loved by so many....our hearts ache. Thank you both for sharing yourselves. Many prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Lillie says it so well that I can't think of much to add. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. May everything fall into place so that you can enjoy the 2 weeks down Cape to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We are on the countdown for the Cape too, and hope to see you there.

Stacey and Tanya

Anonymous said...

I pile on with Sondra to Lillie's comment. You are both loved and prayed-for every day.
Peace and love,
Mary M

Anonymous said...

i could echo the sadness you feel now at the thought of losing your dear one- i still can't quite imagine life in our little circle without lynne at the hub of the action- just can't imagine that- so for now, i will enjoy her as she is here, and we are blessed with her presence here -through her writing, and in person-
and i will treasure your sweet words about this painful part of the journey- you are such a shining example of a true partner !!!
love, alice

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to read your words here!! As I was sitting in the congregation last Sunday ..I was thinking about how hard this all must be for you...and yet....still leading...still smiling....still being strong and trying to hold us all up all the while struggling to find the place where you can find solace and a safe place to go...a place to grab a branch as the feet slip a bit on this tough tough road.
Please know that you and the children are always in my heart and thoughts and are always welcome here...anytime.
You will find the words and the way when you need them for those beautiful children. They have the advantage of knowing their parents love eachother and love them many children don't have that rock to lean on.

Carrie said...

Patty, I can only imagine what you are going through. You and Lynne are so young and have children too. I know some of what you're going through.

You are so right that this is a holy time. I've kept you in my prayers, right along with Lynne and your kids too. Both of you have such grace and strength. Being able to share in your journey has sort of been inspiring for me....very helpful. Much needed light.

You know, the day they released Mom from the hospital, I took her for a spin outside in a wheelchair. We went for a long time but there were some uneven sidewalk slabs. I almost hurtled Mom out of the chair once and nearly gave both of us a heart attack. It was fun though. I know what you mean about bumpy wheelchair rides :)