Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pain, pain go away...

I have been suggesting that Lynne write a post to update all of our blog community of friends. She reports that she will blog soon! Besides being away in Ptown trying to relax and enjoy ourselves, Lynne has been dealing with trying to manage her increasing pain while not getting too "loopy" (her word) with all the pain medication. We are working on that.

It has been bittersweet being here. So many of the things we used to enjoy as a family, Lynne doesn't feel well enough to do, so she sends us all off to the beach, settles in for some quiet time - but the beach isn't quite the same with out her. Last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Napi's for Eli's birthday (11 yesterday). Lynne had planned to save her energy so she could go (she and Eli have a special connection) but as it was time to go, Lynne just couldn't. She needed to stay back and rest.

As I was there with the crew I was remembering all the meals Lynne and I shared at Napi's, with kids and without. It was sad to for all of us to not have her with us, but ever sadder to contemplate the possibility that we may never dine out at Napi's again....

So what to do... enjoy every moment. Enjoy the warm sun, enjoy what Lynne feels well enough to do, enjoy the memories we are making, feel all the feelings...

Thanks for checking in - keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.



Anonymous said...

Patty....I do check in....several times a day. I told Jane Bagdon yesterday that I'm feeling a little obsessed at checking this site, but it means that you're all on my mind and in my heart & prayers throughout each day, every day....And the GOOD thoughts continue to be sent your way! Love, Jamie

Carrie said...

{{{Patty}}} and {{{Lynne}}}
I'm so glad you were able to get away. I'm so sorry Lynne isn't able to do the things there that she would have liked. She's incredibly strong-willed to even have made this trip.

If it helps, Dilaudid is what my Mom took for pain. It didn't make her loopy and was very effective. Mom had , what the nurses called, "subcutaneous ports", which were basically mini-IV looking things. They filled syringes full of meds and I just had to screw the syringes of Dilaudid into the port and deliver the med that way. No pills to swallow and no need to wake Mom when she was resting. As her pain increased, we simply increased the dosage. This was such a help, having those ports. They put them in for all the meds she needed. It really aided Mom's comfort. So, when you get back home, maybe something to ask about?

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Lynne and your family everyday. I think of all of you a lot.

{{Hug}} and Much Love,

mbflynn said...

Patty and Lynne:
You were on my mind since I was in Las Vegas at the Flynn boys' graduation where I saw Patty's dad, Henry. I was so happy to find this blog and way to communicate my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I will keep checking in, too.

Anonymous said...

Patty I also check the blog three times a day. I ask Jan and Sondra often how your all doing. I pray daily that Lynn's pain is less and that her brain isn't fuzzy from the meds. Enjoy all the moments you have. We often wish we had a moments bank that you can withdraw from so that we could give you more for your family and Lynn. We hold you in our thoughts and hope that doing so will help you have the strength for the coming days.
Love to all
Mary Rogers-Zion

Anonymous said...

I think we all are a little obsessed with checking this site! Nothing wrong with that as we are all just wanting to hear that things are ok. I am so sorry that the pain is being such a bother. I wish we could each one take a bit of it away onto ourselves so that Lynne could feel better. If that was possible just think how wonderful that would be. We could take just a little of the pain that would not be too much for us and by sharing the burden no one would have too much!

Prayers and good thoughts are continually being sent up for all of you.


sandy said...

Patty and Lynne,

Add our wishes to the growing list of friends who pray with and for you….May peace and comfort enfold you. Feel the love and the positive energy that surrounds all of you.
Know that we care – deeply.

Hugs, Sandy and Mark

cori said...

I can so see you all...laughing, thinking,sharing and taking it all in and wondering how to sort it all many different feelings all at once.
You all are creating a web of love that will hold you up in the coming days and nights.
I hope that Lynne's meds will erase her pain....and I hope that having Lynne and those maravelously resilient and exhuberant kids surrounding you can help with the pain you also must be feeling, Patty.
Try not to project to the in the moments you do have now. Each one is a gift to us all.
We are here for you and with you in prayer and a plea for more time.

Lipglossles said...

I too am obsessed with checkig this site. But you all are a constant thought with us. We left Ptown right before you arrived, and we were hoping that Lynne would have the strength to make it down. I am sorry, it's not starting out the way you all would have liked it. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.
Stacey and Tanya

Anonymous said...

OK....add me to the list of obsessive blog checkers. Thanks, Patty for filling us in on things. Lynn, I trust you will blog if the Spirit leads...we "blog checkers" don't want to add an obligaion, just want you to know we are with you. I am glad you MADE it to P town and it must have been cooler there there here, so that is a plus.

It sounds like you are having many bittersweet moments, made even more intense because of the great love you all have for each other. I am glad the kids have some others to to activities with, and know that you, Lynn, are absolutely taking in as much of it as your body an soul allows. Patty, I know you are there in the wings doing whatever it takes to make things work.

Hopefully, knowing there are so many of us wanting to be the "wings" that hold you up is a source of comfort. Hope the pain medicine is working better, so you can enjoy more. Love from both of us.

Gwen and Ted

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting and updating us on how you all are doing. It must be hard to live in the moment, and not think ahead, but I hope you are able to enjoy just being in that special place you both love so much.
My love and continued prayers for all of you,
Mary M

Anonymous said...

dear toss

just back now, from my trip and stop in TX, and YES! add me to the happy obsessed at reading lynns's blog. i emailed some of the thoughts from folks at the reunion to you and patty too.

boy it was hard to leave, and i took your heart with me to the SH reunion. to the family and all around you ---- love, hugs, kisses, and peace, prayers and LOVE

LOVE spazz

Lillie said...

Patty & Lynne,
I too am obsessed with checking in on both of you. I pray that the remaining days of your vacation are a lot less painful both physically and emotionally. Mary & I both send our love....Gracie Lynn (the brat cat) also sends her love. She is so beautiful and so full of life. She just never stops! If only we could trap some of her energy.

Know that we think of you daily and look forward to your return. Til then enjoy!

Love Lillie

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the word obsessed being used about the I was beginning to wonder if I was alone! I also check it at least once a day. Patty, my heart aches for you and the kids and aches for Lynne- she sooo wants to be fully engaged in life, despite her pain. I pray that the right combo can be found to make the pain subside long enough for more memories to be created.
Love to you all.