Saturday, May 12, 2007

Back from the Hospital

I've been home almost 24 hours now from the hospital. We returned to some beautiful late spring weather - warm, with soft spring breezes, and many more spring flowers having "popped" open in our yard. I'm so happy to be home. It felt good just now to sit next to the water garden, watching the birds and the squirrels and the fish, listening to the sound of the water, and feeling the sun on my skin. My garden is such a source of joy right now; new flowers blooming, buds beginning to form. The dogwood tree we planted in honor of Lucy's birthday is full of showy white blossoms, and colorful tulips have popped up here and there. And, a very exciting development, in only the second time since I planted it seven years ago, my tree peony has a flower bud. I'll have to take pictures and post them soon. For today, there are just words to express my delight.

I am feeling good. I don't have much pain, and what I have is associated with breathing deeply enough to keep my lungs clear of liquid. A few days on my back in the hospital, and the doctors were worried about the possibility of pneumonia, so I'm working hard to keep my lungs working as efficiently as they can.

For four days, three nights, I was hospitalized. As you know from Monday's post, they were planning to keep me overnight on the day of the procedure, wanting to watch and make sure they didn't stir up some problems that would create infection. I did run a fever Tuesday night, so I was glad to be there. The procedure was through "interventional radiology," and its purpose was to insert a stent at the liver where it drains into my jejunum (because of my surgery a year ago). The procedure was considered successful, but they could see another blockage just "around the corner" in the jejunum (part of the top of the intestines), and were unable to insert a stent because of the bile that had backed up and some swelling. So, when I came out of Tuesday's procedure, they said they wanted me to rest on Wednesday, then do it again on Thursday. And of course doing it again Thursday meant keeping me there Thursday night for more observation.

And here's a surprising note about my hospitalization: I was on the oncology floor, which seemed to me to be very quiet, and except for the night I ran a fever and they were drawing blood and giving me antibiotics, I was able to sleep! It was amazing. I slept for 5 hours straight each night, and then got in additional time. I'd never heard of someone actually sleeping at night in the hospital!

The external drain is still in my side, but stoppered, as it were. If there's no indication I'll be needing it, it will be removed this Tuesday, and then all of my stents will be internal! (A really good thing!) Also scheduled for Tuesday is the replacement of my bladder stent. I'm hoping they can do both of these and still let me go home Tuesday night. That's my order, at least! If all goes well, I'll be done with these medical procedures for a while.

I'm a little fuzzy brained from the narcotics, so I don't know if I'm being overly detailed in all of this. I can say I'm relieved by the way the week went, despite the hospitalization I didn't initially anticipate. My biggest medical complaint this morning is the development of thrush, but I have a prescription and hopefully we can start knocking it out. (Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth that we are susceptible to when we are hit with heavy duty antibiotics.) I've discovered there's a difference between things tasting funny due to thrush, and tasting funny because of chemo. Hopefully, I'll be able to get more food into me today!

So, that's my fuzzy-brained check-in. Thinking of all of you with love and appreciation as I've read all of your comments to my post and to Patty's this week. May we all enjoy a weekend of wonderful weather wherever we are. Love to all.


Anonymous said...

.....and, love to you, Lynne, this Mother's Day....Jamie

Anonymous said...

me too lynne re: loving you and happy mom;s day!

MUCH love and kisses and cya soon


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
Happy Mother's Day!!
Enjoy the beautiful weather, your garden and your beautiful family!!
love, hugs and plenty of well-wishes!

Anonymous said...

And another Happy Mother's Day to you Lynne! I'm so glad that you are out of the hospital and enjoying spring. Summer has arrived in Virginia, with a week of temperatures in the the 80's, so I'm heading north. I'm taking my Dad to Lancaster today to see Scott, Sarah and Charlie which will be a real Mother's Day treat for me. We'll head home tomorrow to get bck to work in the garden. (I loved your detailed descriptions of what's thriving in your garden. I transplanted some peonies from Dad's last fall and was as thrilled to see buds on them as you were on your tree peony! Happy Day.
Lots of love,

Sandy said...

Adding to the array of wishes - may you, and Patty enjoy this Mother's Day as you celebrate the gifts of your two beautiful children!

love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

So glad to get your report. Thanks to Patty for the update last week. Happy Mother's Day to you both. I watched the cancer documentary with Leroy Sievers. It was excellent and I've shared the info with friends. Enjoy this lovely day.
Elaine (Smith Snyder)

noone said...

Happy Mother's Day Lynne!

I'm so glad you're home and doing well :) Yayyy!!!

Love and Happy Healing Thoughts to you,

Anonymous said...

I am here, just piling on to wish you and Patty a very happy Mothers' Day. I'm so happy you are home enjoying the beautiful Spring weather and growing things. I don't think I know what a peonie looks like, so I will look forward to seeing the pic!
Love and hugs,
Mary M

Sienna said...

Dear Lynne,

The fuzzy brain blog is excellent! That all sounds so good, good work done.

I laughed about you getting some decent sleep, (yeah I'm a nurse)..

So glad it all went well, you are home with your family and the weather is nice.

Top stuff.

Prayers and best wishes from Australia.


Elaine Pascale said...

Your blog wasn't too detailed: you are helping us all remember our health classes and those foggy memories! Glad you got to come home and enjoy the weather. Hope your next procedure is very short and the last one needed for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne and Patty,
After years of not seeing you, 'knowing' you again through your blog (something unimagineable even a few years ago!) is an honor.
So you are in my prayers.
My mother had a very long run with cancer and never stopped treatment. She lived a longer time in absolute misery. And she was not one to talk, either. I never knew anything about her process. I just stayed present and reminded myself I didn't need to know what any of it was about.
I don't know what's right for anyone, but it is healing to have a window on "cancer world" and the profound impact on your life, your family. So I thank you for this.
So I am just here and one of many souls who send you love, hope and who make up cheers.

Chris Thurston

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're home again, home again- good luck on the next thing and get home quick !!! to enjoy the warm sun !!!
love, alice

Anonymous said...

Just wishing you much luck today on your procedures, Lynne. I'll be thinking of you and sending my positive thoughts your way!
The sun will be shining and your garden will be waiting for you when you are done with the hospital junk!!
Here's hoping they send you home to recoup quickly!!

Mary Anne said...

There is nothing like being home in your familiar surrounding and surrounded by those you love. Enjoy and know that I am praying for you. Mary Anne Coburn

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,
Bev has shared your blog site with me. I would ask her how you were and have appreciated being able to pray for your needs... You are such a special friend to Bev and my prayers continue to be with you...
Your description of your beautful garden has inspired me to do something about mine!!!
May this day bring you joy... Love, Marilyn (Smith Johnstone)