Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Procedures, Plumbing & Being tired of Doctors!

Yesterday was my last scheduled day for "procedures" to keep my plumbing flowing, and I am happy to say that I'm home and feeling good, despite all of the poking and prodding about.

My first appointment, at 11:30, was to have the stents to my liver checked, and the external drain pulled (which wasn't a definite until my bilirubin was checked - it was down - and the doctor had gotten a good picture about what was happening internally.) The interventional radiologist went in to be sure that the stents at my liver had cleared the bile, and that all was flowing. He decided he needed another little piece of stent, and inserted that, and then, FINALLY, withdrew the external drain. He was a funny, chatty guy who talked with me quite a bit during the procedure. I was under "conscious sedation," but they had definitely not over-medicated me, and I was pretty aware of everything. It did hurt some, but was very interesting, to see the little bile ducts in the liver. After he was done, they hustled me by ambulance to the other "campus" of the hospital, where the urologist was to do his procedure. It would have been nice to have it all done in one building, but it clearly wasn't meant to be.

Originally scheduled for 3:30, I didn't get into the OR for the bladder stent until nearly 4:30, and so it was 7:00 before Patty and I were home. I slept most of the way home in the car, exhausted from the day, and then dozed through two hours of TV before we all went to bed. I slept well, woke without pain, and I'm looking forward to today.

I'm tired of writing about my physical state and this appointment and that doctor, so I'm hoping my next post will be on different topic. Finally, with the doctor/procedure appointments behind me, and, hopefully, with things stabilized, I can concentrate on enjoying the spring weather, and think about what else I want to do with myself. It's nice to ask myself: "What do I want to do today?"


Elaine Pascale said...

And make sure the answer to that question is really about wants instead of that "mom" voice telling you what you need to do!

Sandy said...

May I suggest soak in the gorgeous warm sunshine, listen to the birds, and enjoy the spring blossoms and your water anything else that suits your fancy!!

love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

Lynne - Now that I don't get to see you in church anymore, I really relish information from your posts. Thanks for the update. I wish you lots of beautiful days like today!!! - Cathy

Anonymous said...

Hip, hip, hooray on the "procedures" being finished and you being home! It is a gorgeous day today, and I hope you are doing exactly what you want to do!
Mary M

Anonymous said...


Great news - so glad the plumbing is working, and you were home all in one day, albeit a very long one. Don't listen to the weather report - they're not doing a very good job this week...just be comfortable and enjoy.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

so happy the procedures went well and done !!!

great question and a great focuser of awareness. here is sat. night of the workshop for real!!!!!! DO ONLY THAT WHICH YOU WANT TO DO AND SO NOT DO WHAT YOU DON'T!!

LOVE YOU paula

Anonymous said...

Welcome home from the plumbing and repair shop!!! Now that the procedures are behind you....enjoy your beautiful family and the great to catch up on eating those yummy little things you crave and talk to your goldfish!
( they are good listeners)
Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

I'm picturing you sitting by your watergarden, finally able to enjoy spring. Savor every minute.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are getting to ask yourself what you want to do today, Lynne. I met you briefly once, not long ago, at a church function. I feel as though I know you much better than that through our mutual friend, Mary McCarthy. It is one of the very best times of the year and your outdoor interests are peaking! Go forth and enjoy!
Thoughts, hugs and prayers,
Mary's Jim

Lipglossles said...

We are glad to hear that the procedure is over. And you are home to enjoy the spring weather. Enjoy!

Stacey and Tanya

Anonymous said...

good to hear you're home, friend - let's get together soon-
love, alice

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home, once again, Lynne....Even if the weather ISN'T great, Home is still the best place of all....Love, Jamie

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know Paul and I have been keeping up with you through your blog. I can still remember your beautiful pond and fish. I love the waterfall.
Paul and Amber