Monday, May 07, 2007

Change of Plans

I am going to the hospital tomorrow for a procedure, but not to replace the stent to my bladder. My backed up bile is seen as more serious (by me as well as my doctor), and they were able to get an appointment for the insertion of a stent to drain the bile from my liver. Ideally, this stent will be internal, and drain the bile into my intestines. If the doctor can't accomplish that, then he will put in an external drain. The kicker is that they want to keep me in the hospital overnight after the procedure to "watch" me and be sure everything has gone well.

I am not eager to spend a night in the hospital, but trust they will spring me as planned on Wednesday morning. When I went in with a blocked bile duct last May, I ended up spending 10 unplanned days in the hospital. I trust that won't happen this time, but my anxiety is up.

So, this is a quick post to report on the latest medical news. Now I'm off to bed to sleep well, I hope. We all know that getting a good night's sleep in the hospital is next to impossible!


Anonymous said...

Lynne....My thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you. "Look for the good and you will find it." Jamie

Sandy said...


My daily calendar has this message for today - "May you wake each day with God's blessings and sleep each night in His keeping. And as you grow older, may you always walk in His tender care."

May light and love surround you...and may those entrusted with your care do their VERY best!

love, Sandy

Hoskins Family said...

Dear Lynne,

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Edith Hoskins

Anonymous said...

lynne-we will be praying extra hard for you to come home as scheduled on wed. so you can get a decent night's sleep !!!!!
hang tight- i have goldfinches at my feeder !!!!
love, alice

noone said...

Big Hugs from me too Lynne. I'll keep you in my thoughts, as always.

Mom is going in for her first stent on Wednesday. She's been jaundiced for over a week. I'm nervous about this procedure for her. Thanks for posting about your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and try not to stress. Stress isn't good for you. You will be in good hands to relax and know that our prayers and thoughts are going with you!!
lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Just a quick post to wish you well for your procedure. I will be praying that God hold you close to His heart, and release you to some beautiful Spring weather tomorrow.
Godspeed dear friend!
Mary M

Elbow said...

Best of luck today, Lynne. I will be sending good, healthy vibes your way all day. I know the procedure will be successful, and you will be out soon!
Much love-

Anonymous said...

Here's an echo to all the above posts--warm thoughts, strong prayers, and faith in the doctors and nurses.

Anonymous said...

Lynne, I know you're in the hospital still, but I am keeping you in my prayers. By the way, I think your decision about chemo was perfectly rational--if it's not working, why punish yourself?

I wish you a quick recovery from this procedure, and continued peace.

Anonymous said...

My latest wish for you, dearest Lynne,is that they refrain from waking you up in the hospital for a chest Xray at 2 am or to take a sleeping pill or to take your vital signs. But if they DO, may you laugh, most graceful and wise woman.
Love, prayers, laughter, and tears (all of life, in fact),

Mary F.

Anonymous said...

It is Tuesday eve and your stent should be in. Have just read your entry. May you be comfortable and not in need of too many VS checks.
But remember that IS why you are staying overnite. I hope you have a gentle soft-spoken nurse on all shifts !!

Lipglossles said...

We are in our thoughts and prayers...Hey, and if need Tanya, she's on shift this week :-) She can stand guard at your door overnight...


Anonymous said...

I know you'll be prepared with a cheeky response to the eternal nurses question, "How are WE doing?
Awaiting your next post!
Susan H.